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Lining It All Up

Give me two days and it will all start to make sense.

On April 15th, just like every April 15th for the last three years, a new Jesse Teller book is dropping. It is called Wrath of Madness and it is book two of The Madness Wars series. It picks up from where we left off on the first book Onslaught of Madness, even straddles the companion book Crisis of Fate. As excited as I am for this book, I am even more excited about Song.

Song was released on October 5, 2017. It is the first book of The Manhunters series and has been well received by many readers. I have enjoyed its success and I am ready for it to finally make sense. That will happen in two days.

Song begins with a jail break. Black Cowl has come to Mending Keep and he breaks out the worst, most vile prisoners and uses them to form a new evil, a group dedicated to darkness called The Stain.

Wait though, in The Madness Wars there is a wizard named Dotley Cherlot and he is sometimes referred to as The Stain of the Second Age.

But the group is given its name based on a conversation that our main hero has in Song when he refers to Black Cowl’s master as Dotley Cherlot, the Stain of the Second Age.

So exactly how do Black Cowl and Dotley Cherlot fit into The Manhunters series?

I wrote for twelve years before I published anything at all. So as I stacked up one novel after the next, I began to see a pattern in my process. I would write a book, then write the second in that series, then I would need a break from that series. I would move on to the next series often times picking up from the moment I had just finished in the book I had just written.

Onslaught of Madness was written in 2012. Wrath was written in 2013. But then I set that series aside for a few months and began Song.

Every series I have ever written works as a stand-alone story. I believe if the reader only wants to commit to one series then they ought to get a full, well-rounded ending, satisfying and complete. However I also believe that if a reader picks up a new series by Jesse Teller they ought to be rewarded for having read the one before. So although every series stands on its own, if you pull them apart and shuffle them together in chronological order, you have a different experience. Things begin to make sense that didn’t before, and you get a fuller story with more depth and color than you can get reading one series.

The Manhunters series is done. The story is told. But it remains vital to the understanding of the world of Timea because of the timeline. If you read Onslaught of Madness, Crisis of Fate, Wrath of Madness and then you pick up Song, you will see that the entire Manhunters series was sparked, our jailbreak took place, because of an event that occurs at the end of Wrath.

From the day of its release Song has always been a complete story. But when you set Wrath in front of it in the reading order, the entire Manhunters series rings.

Every book, every short story, every novella in my work begins with a year. If you line all these books up based on that timeline, then you see that each of these stories is connected in some way. And all you have to do in order to get the whole story is keep reading.

I am constructing a great puzzle with my work. A puzzle that stretches across so many years and has its roots in so much history. I will keep shifting it around and adding to it for decades. I hope you can get satisfaction from the series as a whole and from the entire piece once its been released.

Two more days and you will see the great event that sparked The Manhunters series. I hope you enjoy.

Wrath of Madness

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