Ooh my neck hurts.

Not chronic pain. Nagging pain. And it happened not ten minutes before officially moving out of the old house and into the new one. I played online pool on my phone, sitting on a tree stump, waiting for my old Landlord to come over with the deposit repayment. I looked up and -goinch!- ah my neck hurts! It's slowly going away, but still... way to take the shine off of this whole ordeal.

I moved to a very expensive tiny house -but then all the rentals in Santa Cruz CA are expensive. I was at the old place for seven years! Cost of living caught up to me I guess

Not here.

This is my neighbors', the couple. We all did the move together, like The Three Musketeers.

Here's my spot.

There's something about downsizing, being forced to throw out shit you've held on to for so long, that makes you stop and think.

I rifled through my old books: a Native American compendium of stories from the 1980s when I was trying to be a 'with it' politically correct college student in North Dakota... GONE.
A witty collection of stories when I was with my first girlfriend in another tiny place near Minneapolis... GONE.

Nietzsche... GONE.
Jung... GONE (well, except for one book)

'Filth' by Irvine Welsh... stays (I think it's the pig on the cover that did it. Plus it's hilariously funny.)

My expenses have increased to at least one and a half times more. I've thrown out at least a third of books I never opened up in 30 years and truly ugly beyond belief greasy kitchenware. Oh, and there's ants... the battle lines have been drawn you buggers!

What does this say about future days with Tim's Notebook, Mayfield Eight, the delayed and delayed Kickstarter (the books have been printed! I'm getting them soon!)?

Nothing. Nothing's changed. I'm grateful that this change happened, I got out of the deep woods in my medium house and in the shallow woods in my tiny house. What I lost in old junk I gained in clarity. Plus this new place is ten times quieter without a neighbor raising Roosters!

Tim's Notebook

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