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Cumaibh a'Dol!
May 2020

Welcome to "Cumaibh a'Dol!": "Keep on Going!". It has been almost a month since Morvern Community Council formed our resilience group and very quickly established our support service available 9-5, 7 days a week which can be accessed via - the helpline number 01967 750838 or by email All calls received out of hours will be captured for a phone call the following day. 

Thanks to our rota organisers Rhonda and Lucy and to our induction volunteers Bonny and Annabel. All relevant information is on We have liaised with Lochaline Stores, Morvern Medical Centre, Lochaber foodbank, NHS Highland, Highland Council and Sunart helping hands to ensure we are as co-ordinated and resilient as we can be. 

We have received COVID resilience funding to make sure we can buy appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), back up our broadband  and other COVID related expenses. With the help of the good people of Morvern we have helped deliver shopping, prescriptions and top-up electricity cards.
With the ongoing restrictions, upholding our guidance for best volunteering practice and for us all in the community is key. The pandemic is not a medical emergency but a public health one so it is crucial that we think of our population and not just ourselves as individuals. Staying at home, social distancing, daily exercise and following all the guidance is paramount. Whilst tough, our expectation and hope is that everyone in Morvern will continue to follow this guidance to the letter in order that we can support our most vulnerable members of the community, local services and each other.
From all of us at Morvern Community Council and the resilience group.
The drawing of a rainbow is by Kara MacIntyre. Send us a photo of your rainbow.

Send in your ideas or contributions for the next newsletter and we will do our best.
You can access this newsletter online on with links to all resources

From Morvern Community Council
Local funding

The community council has applied for and is expecting to receive resilience funding from various sources. To date, the community council has provided funding to cover costs that have been spent on providing items for things like PPE and support for members of the community in need.

Locahline Stores

Lochaline Stores are open and have supplies of almost anything you need. They will deliver, for free, throughout Morvern. Email or phone 01967 421220 to place an order. Please do not take the risk of going into the shop. This endangers the staff and vulnerable people in the community.

Corran Ferry

Following the technical fault with the Corran Ferry in April, Highland Council has assured us that they are putting additional measures in place to make sure there is a replacement ferry available in case of breakdowns. The Maid of Glencoul was in refit at the time of the breakdown and work on it had been stopped due to the lockdown. This work has now resumed.

What's still on

Rev Donald McCorkindale is still doing church services - online.
Minutes of resilience group and the community council are on .
Due to the restrictions, there is no village tidy planned - but when you're out on you're daily exercise please pick up any litter you do see!

Inspiration for all

Zoom is a great way for groups to get together online. If you're a member of a group, please make use of the zoom community account. The account is not restricted to numbers of people and there's no time-limit. To book, email"

Try Zoom with friends it is free for any meeting less than 45 minutes.  Maybe try some games like:

  • (online uno)
  • (online Pictionary) 


1. How long did the Hundred Years War last?

2. How many noses does a slug have?

3. Who was the first British Prime Minister?

4. What fish has 7 hearts?

5. What are the fastest growing plants on earth?

Questions by Oren and Zara Manthorpe

    LPS penpal club

    The children of Lochaline Primary School have been writing to each other and older members of the community. The shop and postman kindly deliver these free of charge. It keeps those generations who maybe don’t use the internet connected in these hard times. If you are interested in getting involved, Annemie Shanks at Ardtornish and Sarah Jones have been organising, and have lists of names.

    Spotted outdoors

    Spring is upon us. What bird, animal or plant have you spotted?  Can you recognise them all?  

    Send in photos of plants, birds, animals ,insects you spot for the next newsletter.

    Mike's Corner

    The Whitehouse may be closed for now but Mike has shared his fantastic soda bread recipe with us

    600g wholemeal flour
    400g self raising flour
    3tsp bicarbonate of soda
    1/2tsp salt
    100g rolled oats
    5tblsp black treacle
    2 eggs
    1 can of Guinness

    Mix dry ingredients together then add treacle and Rub
    Whisk eggs in to Guinness and pour into flour. Slowly bring together with fingers till you have a firm but moist dough. You may need to add more Guinness
    tip on to slightly floured surface, cut in half and form two rounds
    Place in floured baking tin or tray and duust with little flour, score a cross on each round
    Bake 300c for 25 min + 20 180c
    Tap bottom to check firm bottom
    Hollow sound when tapped

    We are here to help

    Covid-19 Resilience Morvern have put together some guidance and resources on to assist the local community with COVID-19

    Community help

    We are here to help!

    - Urgent supplies (e.g. prescriptions)
    - Posting mail
    - A friendly chat on the phone
    - Fetching fuel in for your fire
    - Picking up shopping

      Tel: 01967 750838

      Lines open 9am to 5pm

      Lochaber Woman's aid

      The specialist, confidential service in Lochaber who provides advice, information and support for women, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.

      Tel: 01397 705734
      Lines open:
      Mon-Thur:    9.00am – 5.00pm
      Fri:                   9.00am – 2.00pm

      Highland Council

      The council has launched a free helpline to give assistance and to collect details of individuals and community groups looking to provide volunteering support during Covid19.

      Tel:  0300 303 1362 

      Mon - Fri:  8am to 6pm. Calls are free.

      Ewen's Room

      Mental health can be particular challenging during this time. Ewen's Room runs a confidential telephone helpline and a text-based support service for people who need to talk.

      Tel (Freephone): 0800 689 3317

        Mon to Fri: 5pm to 10pm
        Sat & Sun: 12 noon to 10pm.

      Morvern Community Council

      Lochaline, Morvern
      Highland, Scotland 

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