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Crisis of Fate

Sai Sibbius here, ambassador, de la love, doctor tres chic. And I’m here to guide you all, through the high tones, low tones, through the mid-range, through sock-it-to-me range, bust it out raw like sushi…

I don’t know what rap song from the early nineties that comes from. I think it is better for both of us, and it better serves my purpose, to keep it a mystery. I could look it up, and I might, but I won’t tell you. It is the introduction to a song. A skit played before a great song, and one day I got it stuck in my head.

Every now and then I will get a lump in my throat and it will force my swallow reflex to continually swallow until the lump is gone. This was like that. This introduction was so jammed in my head that it was on continuous loop, a constant swallow reflex that had me repeating it under my breath over and over again as I made pizzas at work. As I got my ride home. As I showered. As I watched TV. It stayed with me while I slept, and when I woke up to the blare of the alarm, I could barely hear it over the sound of this voice.

Sai Sibbius here…

Sai Sibbius here…

Sai Sibbius here…

I had to do something, I was going insane. So in 2000, I put Sai Sibbius in a story. The story was vague until 2004 when Sai really took off. I was writing my first book and I put him in it. The book was called Chaste. It was my first novel and it began his tale. That book started his tale where I like to start all my stories. Right in the middle. Sai was swordfighter, a real artist with a blade, and he was on a quest. His quest was for his one love. See, almost eighty years before, he had started dreaming of a woman on a bed.

At first they woke up on a bed floating in the dark. Nothing but mattress, sheets, and each other. They pulled back, both taking to a corner and staring at the other all night. They woke up and went about their lives, and on the next night when they fell asleep, they woke up on the bed again. Nothing but darkness, mattress, sheets, and each other.

This was every night. And it did not take them long to start talking. It took them almost no time to fall in love. Each wanted the other as a spouse, but they could not find each other. Every time they spoke the words that would direct the other to their location, they woke up. The words blurred together or they heard nothing at all. They were frantic for each other and Sai found a gypsy seer. He was told to master the sword and travel the world. He was told to go to war. Fight war after war, and one day this constant conflict would bring the two of them together. 

Sai goes. And his love waits.

Through Chaste their story rages, through Mestlven, and finally into Onslaught of Madness, where things happen that leave that story at odds with itself. In a way, things come to an end. In a very real way, the story is only beginning.

In my next book, Crisis of Fate, the story of these two lovers comes to its close. In my next book we see the end of the quest and the rise of something new.

Crisis of Fate is my love letter to this affair that has been playing itself in my head for fifteen years. Over and over again. I have heard this story told to myself. Soon, I bring it to you.

I bust it out raw like sushi…

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