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Or, to those less fluent in Korean, Hello!

Welcome to the second November edition of the Atlantis Entertainment newsletter where you'll find a mixture of K-Pop and books. I am your MC, Ji Soo, and I will be guiding you through this month's fun.


A Ji Soo Update
Cursed Luck
(S)he's All Theirs
Ji Soo's Group of the Month
Release Schedule

A Ji Soo Update

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who reached out to me about Wonho. I decided that the easiest thing for me was to remove myself from SNS for a while and then I can't see it. I know it's something a lot of you won't understand, and that's OK. It's just it came at completely the wrong time - there's a lot of stuff going on in my life and this was the easiest thing to be able to react to.


So moving on to the positive - Stolen Luck in in progress. We think the we will be able to have the story to the editors by Christmas and then, depending on their availability (it is Christmas after all), we're aiming for a provisional release date of the end of January.


But I'm also working on something else - I mentioned it before, but I have more details for you a little further down (scroll down to (S)he's All Theirs).


Otherwise, we're gearing up towards the holiday season at the hotel. It's going to be my first Thanksgiving away from home, and I'm surrounded by non-Americans. That's going to be weird! And then (scary thought), it's going to be Christmas! Work is getting busy because of companies having their Christmas parties. It's a new thing for me to be involved with, but I'm enjoying it! 

Cursed Luck

I'm sure y'all are tired of seeing this one, but Cursed Luck releases in two weeks (December 2nd), and it's going to look a little different...


If you're in our shared Facebook group, you will know that CL decided to release the book under a new pen name. She writes primarily YA UF and wanted to make a clean break. (I think she wants to write the sex scenes without her mom knowing!!) But this means you will be seeing the name Serenity Ackles on our collaborative works going forward.


Oh, we also have the paperback version of the book - AND IT IS LIVE! We're just waiting for it to link up to the ebook version, but you can still get it now, if you want it.


(S)he's All Theirs

If you are a member of my Facebook group, you know that I have been creating a book - with the group.


For the last few months, with the help of my wonderful Atlantians, we have been picking idols for character inspiration, and we've voted on the character names.


Now, I'm ready to start sharing the story with them.


I had originally planned to put this in a newsletter, but I realized a lot of you joined because you read The Idol Who Became Her World, which is a YA book. And (S)he's All Theirs will not be. It's one thing to separate my books with Ji Soo Lee / J. S. Lee, but if I put the chapters in this newsletter, I'm going to be sending out 18+ material, and I know I have subscribers who don't like that and don't want to see it.


So, instead, I will be posting a chapter at a time in my Facebook group. If you want to read it - for free, by the way - you will need to join my group. When it's finished and tidied up by an editor, it will get published (I already have a cover in progress), but by then, the magic will have happened.


What magic, Ji Soo, I hear you ask... (I have amazing hearing...)


Well, (S)he's All Theirs is what I'm calling a "You Choose, Why Choose" - aka, a choose your own adventure style reverse harem. I'm still working this out as I go, and I have a vague idea of the plot, but I want to be able to have an option at the end of each chapter which will allow you the reader, to pick the thing you want to happen next. I won't know until I write it, but this could be a big thing or a little thing - but it will be a thing where the majority will decide and you get to help me write this book.


I'm excited. I hope it works!


For those of you curious, (S)he's All Theirs is inspired by K-dramas like To The Beautiful You, You're Beautiful, and K-pop Extreme Survival; dramas where the girl disguises herself as a boy and ends up in an idol group. Only, in this version, there isn't a single lead - there's four. And she won't choose between them. It will be a slow build, but it's up to you as to how much of a heat level it has...


Join me in my group:

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Ji Soo's Group of the Month

You know who I don't give enough love to?


Girl Groups.


So today, I choose a group I love, who have just released a song I can't stop listening to: Mamamoo

L-R: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, and Hwasa

Mamamoo debuted in 2014 and they've been kicking ass as they go.


They've just appeared on survival show Queendom, and if you're watching still, I won't give any spoilers if you're avoiding the results, but I will say their performances have been amazing (I particularly loved their rendition of Good Luck).


Not only are they talented and sexy AF, these women are not afraid of controversy and showing their sexy side (by western standards, it's not controversial. By Korean standards, they're certainly raising a few eyebrows while dropping a few jaws.




Anyway, with that in mind, I would like to introduce you to HIP: a clever play on words (in English), because although they're singing about body parts, the song is also referencing the other meaning of hip - cool. Watch the video.

Psychic Secret

All I wanted to do was survive exams and graduate high school. Too bad that all blew up in my face - literally.

Apparently, I have psychic powers and I am very bad at controlling them. After two run-ins with dangerous villains that scare my destructive powers right out of me, I get brought to the Psychic Training Academy - a government run facility meant to help people like me become “useful”.

Now I’m caught between my old normal life and my new crazy one. During the day I have to study for exams and at night I need to train in hand-to-hand combat…oh and try not to fall for my two sexy sparring partners.

When a Rogue psychic starts wreaking havoc, I join in on the fight. When my best friend gets kidnapped, it gets personal. I’ll need to discover what my powers can really do if I want any chance to win.


PSYCHIC SECRET is an upper YA/NA Urban Fantasy with a hint of slow-burn love triangle romance!

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Just For A While

Charlotte Harrington is capable of love, but the feelings of love, of letting anyone close to her, scare her.
Seventeen-year-old Charlotte’s life turns brusquely when her mother sends her away to spend the summer before college with her father—a man she knows nothing about and cares even less for. Thus, forced by a promise she made to her mom, and having secretly thrown her future away, Charlie finds herself stuck for an indefinite time in the coastal town of Rosetown. Moving in with Daniel proves to be a challenge for both of them, as she will undo his every attempt to get to know her.
When Misha Breckenridge literally bumps into her life, along with his mesmerizing black eyes and his challenging ways, Charlotte finds herself stepping in quicksand. Despite her resolution to keep everyone at a safe distance, Misha will soon find his way into her heart, making her lower her guard and open her long-closed heart to love.
As the summer unfolds, Rosetown and its memorable inhabitants inevitably start to grow on Charlotte. But, will she ever manage to forgive Daniel for walking out on her and her mother?
“Just For A While” is Zøe Haslie’s debut novel, a tale of love, friendship, struggling family relationships and, above all, forgiveness.

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From Ji Soo Lee and J. S. Lee

Ji Soo Lee

Winter 2019/2020

The Leader Who Fell From The Sky

Zodiac, 4

YA Contemporary Romance

J. S. Lee


ONYX: Forever

Onyx, 5

NA Reverse Harem

Serenity Ackles & J. S. Lee

December 2nd

Cursed Luck

The Goddess of Fate & Destiny, book 1

NA Reverse Harem

Countdown until "CURSED LUCK" Release
Ji Soo Lee

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