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Greetings, Coffey Beans!

A lot seems to have happened since the last email I sent you, so I will work through this methodically. First up, how about a cover reveal?


If you've not seen on Facebook already, I can finally reveal the cover for Angel Exalted! And better yet, I even have a release date and a 99 cent / pence pre-order! 

Angel Exalted releases December 9th!


There will be a paperback, but unfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow pre-orders on them, so it will be a live release.


Sometimes the greatest battles are fought with weapons. Sometimes they’re fought with the heart.
With Lucifer defeated and Michael back, things should be returning to normal. Only, they’re not. Despite defeating some of the most powerful fallen angels in history, Heaven isn’t happy. The death count was too high, and the fall out too public.
Their answer: replace Cupid with Zachary.
Dealing with that Zach-ass is hard enough without being caught up in the vendetta Paddy is trying to lead against the remaining fallen angels in the city. Ty is locked in her crosshairs, and it’s up to Angel to keep the nephilim safe.
But it’s someone closer to home who really needs the protection…
Ever since the battle against Lucifer, Joshua hasn’t been the same. It’s almost like he’s not Joshua anymore. Angel must work out who she can trust to protect her charge when the crosshairs shift and it’s Joshua in the middle of them. Because it’s not just going to be Paddy who wants revenge – it’s going to be the whole of Heaven.


The big news I have to share with you is that I have decided to create a pen name: Serenity Ackles.


It wasn't until I had committed to the Prophecy of Magic boxed set that I realised that maybe Cursed Luck should have been written under a different name. 


If you've now read Cursed Luck, you'll know that it's very different from any of my other books - not only did I throw an adult story at you (as opposed to the YA you're familiar with), I also made it a reverse harem.


There are many people who don't like this and just want the YA C. L. Coffey - and that's perfectly fine! I also know I've got young readers and honestly, I'd put Cursed Luck at an 18+ audience. I say this aware that there are younger readers who will read it and enjoy it, but I do know there are parents who will read my books before letting their children read them.


I've always kept the Louisiangel series as clean as possible and with profanity to a minimum, and I want to keep C. L. Coffey (it is so weird talking about myself in the third person) as this 'brand'. You know when you read one of these books what you're getting.


But, during the writing process of Cursed Luck, I also realised that I enjoyed writing more adult books, and I adore reverse harem stories.


So, to keep things simple, I created Serenity Ackles and I intend on separating the two, effective immediately. Which means no more none YA books in this newsletter, or on my FB page / group.


This newsletter and Serenity's will go out on the same day. Both will feature tidbits of my boring and mundane life, and probably the odd picture of a cat, but the books mentioned will be appropriate to the audience, as will be the spoilers. As such, like the books, I recommend and 18+ audience for Serenity's newsletter, just in case of spoilers and teasers.


If you enjoyed Cursed Luck and would like to read the next book in the series, I recommend you sign up to Serenity's newsletter, and follow her on Facebook. And I'll conveniently provide links below:


As you can see, the covers have already been updated. As of now, the only place you will find a copy of Cursed Luck with C. L. Coffey on it, is in the Prophecy of Magic Collection.


And that's the last you will see of adult books from C. L. Coffey. She's got Gabriel's series to write...

Saint of Dead Gods

Portland is about to get a lot weirder.

Adam Saint was never much of a sorcerer to begin with and would rather be at the bottom of a bottle than anywhere near the supernatural world. For ten years he’s done a pretty good job of that—and even managed to get his demonic possession issue under control. That little vacation is about to come to a very painful end.When Adam is approached by the Coven to find not only a powerful young witch who can see the future, but also his mysteriously vanished uncle—Portland’s supernatural sheriff—he doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Old Saint Pete is the only thing standing between Adam and the wrath of the Sorcerer’s Enclave. Problem is, the people responsible are already on someone else’s radar.

Vanessa Moreno’s life is about to change forever. She’s got two homicide cases that are equally horrifying, a foul-mouthed drunk raving about monsters and magic and other impossible things, and a man who spends half his time naked and the other half in the shape of a jaguar. The world has clearly gone insane—but if so, Vanessa must be mad as well.

Because monsters, magic, demon kitties, warlocks and ancient gods hungry for new life are deadly serious, and this dysfunctional dream team may be all that stands between us and the End. A tide of vengeance and magic is approaching, and billions of lives are on the line. Maybe they can stop it. Maybe they can’t.

One thing is for sure: survival in this world comes at a steep price. Always.

Saint of Dead Gods is a re-release of a previously published book "New Shoes", under Harbinger Press.

Dracones Awakening

They've been betrayed. Two fallen angels are dead, and Tierney’s father is missing. 

As a private investigator, Tierney should be able to locate him, but as an immortal on the cusp of her dragon powers awakening, she knows his disappearance isn’t human related. Have the druid witches that kill without discretion finally found them?

While Tierney searches for her father, the man she loves abandons her. Secrets and lies are revealed, and from skin and scale arises a broken beast of sorrow …

What evil will be uncloaked by ancient magic?

Get Dracones Awakening today because time is running out to feel your savage heart soar.


This steamy romance isn't just a dragon shifter story but an emotional adventure that’ll leave you breathless.
For fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Christine Feehan, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian & Nalini Singh.
“Download and discover why fans call this the best, fast-paced, thrilling page-turner with a different take on fantasy and paranormal shifters!”

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