It is my pleasure to offer a free vial of *Asylum Oracle Incense* AND a Limited Edition *Autographed Fight Like A Girl album* with every Asylum Oracle deck!
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The Asylum Emporium
The Asylum Oracle Deck with FREE Incense and FLAG Album

Yes indeed, Asylum tradition dictates that, for my birthday, I make you a present! Thus, I am so delighted to include a vial of my newest magical creation, ✨The Asylum Oracle Incense✨ AND an ♥️Autographed Limited Edition Fight Like A Girl Album♥️ with every Asylum Oracle Deck purchased from the Emporium NOW through the end of Sept. 22nd! Your gifts will automatically be added to your order—there is nothing you need to do. (I know you very likely own the Oracle already, but this is the perfect moment to order a deck for a friend in need of some magical guidance...and keep the free gifts yourself, perhaps??)

I've created this incense blend myself of entirely organic and wild harvested plants, oils, and resins (no sticky chemical fragrance oils), specifically to burn as you work with your Oracle (though of course you are welcome to burn it at any time you like;). Sprinkle a bit on a charcoal disc and you will be instantly enveloped in the exotic warmth of enticing cinnamon and cloves, heady vanilla and benzoin, fragrant rose petals, toasted black tea, frankincense, and smokey dragon's blood resin.⁠

Oh! And there are heaps more photos of the Oracle Incense and even a lengthy video of myself burning it over on my Instagram, if you've not already joined me and your fellow Inmates there!

This incense is not available for sale at this time, and is only included as a gift with the purchase of the Oracle. I so hope you enjoy burning this intoxicating ritual blend as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Let's make some magic together!

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