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Under the Magnifying Glass

Life really pushes us around sometimes, testing our strength, our patience, and sometimes our faith. Writers test their characters just as hard, sometimes harder. We can put them in situations we hope to never face ourselves, then either shove them over the brink, or pull them back at the last second and pick up all the emotional pieces left in disarray.

Now, you might think writers are really just like a mean kid with a bug and a magnifying glass on a hot summer day. But really, we don't enjoy tormenting our poor characters. We feel their joy, disappointment, and grief just as strongly as if it is our own. In the process of exploring their circumstances and emotional reactions, we learn something about ourselves, and about people in general. Our writing is often an invitation for our readers to do the same--to put themselves in our characters' shoes just as we have during the writing process.

Einar is tested to the limits of his sanity in Into the Shadow Wood. Likewise, Elowyn faces the greatest test of her young life in Ancient Voices (I won't go into detail for the sake of those who haven't read it yet). I dreaded putting her through it, going through a writer's version of a stubborn, sulking, toddler-like tantrum where I didn't write for months. I tried to talk myself out of it a hundred different ways, but as I followed all of those different possibilities to their eventual outcomes, none of them took Elowyn where she needed to go. Without that defining moment, her life would have been simpler, happier maybe, but not nearly as rich or significant. She could never be the person she was intended to be.

I eventually came to accept that Elowyn's test was bringing about a necessary pain. So I gave up my tantrum and got down to writing. I got angry. I shed real tears as I wrote, and if anyone had asked me what I was sobbing uncontrollably about, they probably would have thought I was crazy. Maybe writers have to be...just a little, anyway.

In my final acceptance of Elowyn's fate was a lesson for me as well. Parts of my life have not been easy, and I've sometimes thought how much better everything would have turned out without them. If I had power over the master delete key, and could go back and remove all those difficult chapters where I was tested, would I? How would that irrevocably change me, since I am a far more complex being than a fictional character? Would my life have been simpler and happier? Would I be a better person without them? I have no way to know, and I am not done being tested, or growing as a result.

Yet I do have faith that what the Bible says in Romans is true, that God really does work for the good of those who love Him. He can take the horrible things we go through and use them to make us spiritually rich and significant in the lives of others--if we let Him. Elowyn can't see my plans to turn her pain into a blessing. If she was real, she might very well think of me as a mean kid with a magnifying glass. I am equally blind to God's plans for me.

In dire times, it's natural to wonder why God doesn't stop the bad things that cause such pain. But if He has a magnifying glass, its purpose is not for torment, but to give clarity and a tool for self-examination. If I can use Elowyn's trials to write her into her most beautiful future self, how much more so can the Author of all Life write my story into something more glorious than I could ever imagine?

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Fun Fact

The weather very much affects my writing mood! I usually find it easier to be creative on cloudy days, or when it’s raining or snowing, than when the sun is shining. I can’t write during storms, however--they make me too nervous. Tornadoes in particular absolutely terrify me. But I’ve used my fear after the fact to inspire some of the storms in my books.

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Medieval Monday

Check out this short but fascinating video on the role of knights in medieval society, by Jason Kinglsey of Modern History TV. I'll be posting new videos on different topics each week, so be sure to follow my blog.

A Saint and a Princess

Bones located in a church wall belonged to a medieval saint and princess who played a very important role in the development of Christianity in England.

Birds are Jerks Too

Cats are known to be jerks, but in this video a bird is purposely trying to disturb his cat friend's nap. Has he lost his mind? (Courtesy of Lee Duigon's blog.)

Spring forward...

A bit of daylight savings time humor from the Bluebird of Bitterness. We could all use a good laugh to start the week!

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Shards of Faith

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