Last week we hosted Ukraine Tour & NomadMania Travel Awards 2023 which turns a monumental chapter in our 11-year long history.

After months of rigorous planning, collaboration with dozens of people, and participants from over the world, we can proudly say it was a grand success.

Apart from actually traveling around Ukraine our real highlight was the Travel Awards Ceremony conducted in the underground shelter in Lviv. 

Missed it? No worries! Watch it on our YouTube HERE.

Currently we are preparing materials for a proper follow up campaign. 

And in the meantime, we present to you the winner of the Awards.

They are:

  1. Biggest NomadMania Friends Award: Odette Ricasa 🇵🇭 & Mikael Staffas 🇸🇪
  2. Against All Odds Winner: Houston Vandergriff 🇺🇸
  3. Most Intrepid Traveller: Joy Ryan 🇺🇸
  4. Best Travel Book Award: Boris Kester 🇳🇱 for 'The Long Road to Cullaville: Stories of My Travels to Every Country in the World'
  5. Biggest LPI (Low Passport Index) Traveller: Maliha Fairooz 🇧🇩
  6. NomadMania Lifetime Achievement Award: Rauli Virtanen 🇫🇮
  7. Most Trusted Fixer Award: Fadi Assi 🇸🇾
  8. Most Purposeful Traveller: Charlie Christensen 🇩🇰
  9. Best Travel Content Creator Award: Shiho Zekkei 🇯🇵
  10. Biggest Traveller Award: Anna Katri Raiha 🇫🇮

Read more about all the winners here!

Stay tuned for a detailed follow-up in the coming weeks.

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