New Thought and Inspiration Fields

The Classes

Thursday evenings

7-9 pm Pacific Daylight Time via Zoom.

Each Thursday, starting tomorrow, Vicki will be hosting classes on New Thought and Inspiration Fields. Her motivation for running these classes is to bring us into alignment with future thought and the insights from new dimensions we are becoming part of. The classes are held via zoom and are designed to give everyone access to their own inspiration fields and bring in new thought. Vicki will be sharing ideas and guidelines for accessing higher consciousness, after which we all get to share in our discoveries, insights and visions. The classes are interactive, experiential and include techniques we can use in our daily lives.

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Before you make something that is truly new, you first have to have a new thought. That’s the important thing. We didn’t need new things so we didn’t think new thoughts. We need new thoughts now!” From the novel by Terry Pratchett, ‘Nation’ page 168.

Just because it is the way it is, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way”, my quote on the past and current state of reality on the earth.

Pay as you go.

$20/class   You will receive an email indicating the date, time and zoom login.

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Recordings available afterwards or if you miss a class.

Outline of classes

June 10th: How do I access my own inspiration fields and get into new thoughts of my own? Touching new emotion we haven’t experienced before such as exalted feelings of love and joy.

June 17th: How do I utilise my new thought for manifestation and make it part of my reality?

June 24th: Moving out of your individual programmed reality to access new and often unknown inspirational ideas.

July 1st: Quantum particles and entanglement – how does this relate to new thought?

July 8th: Quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence – how does this affect inspiration and thought?

July15th: What is a time spiral and how do we work outside of time to bring our new thoughts into manifested reality when life seems so busy?

July 22: How can we generate a collective consciousness built on the energy and frequency of new thought? What is it to stay out of the old status quo and access this new wave of divine inspiration? Our aim is to conclude the sessions with an experience of a collective reality built on new thought.

(Please note this is a guide only as I will read the energy and consciousness of the group each week and tap into the current state of the collective. Each class will be tailored to maximize potentials in the moment.)

Christopher Cody | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix
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