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You are invited .... the Premiere of our NEW MUSIC VIDEO! 🎉

Hello Clan! 👋🏻

Hey Charles Ramos Jr - how are you doing? Hope you're well and your October is getting off to a great start? You ready for Halloween? I love this time of year, the leaves on the trees turning all sorts of colours, the smell of spiced pumpkin latte in the air and the anticipation of Christmas around the corner... BUT WAIT!  

There's something we gotta do before the autumn really kicks in - there's something that's been brewing for a while now and I cannot WAIT to share it with you! 

THE BRAND NEW music video for 'Walking Away' is premiering on Youtube TONIGHT at 8pm (BST) and I wanna watch it WITH you Charles Ramos Jr .... you're invited.... are ya free?? Here's the link to the video 👈 👈 (Click the word 'video' or the photo!) If you're a bit early, that's cool, just hit the 'reminder' button, and better still, subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell, to make sure YouTube sends you a reminder on your phone when we're about to go live! 

More News...

Big thanks and shoutout to the Clan members who have been suggesting new songs to cover for my #TwoForTuesday Livestreams over on Twitter/Periscope/YouTube. (I go live every week on those platforms and play 2 songs, at 2 pm BST - come and join us if you're free!) I have been enjoying learning these new songs for you and giving you guys shoutouts, and some are even making it into my updated set lists for live gigs! Speaking of live gigs.... October has 2 HUGE gigs coming up!..... 

October Gigs

Yesss!!! October gigs are kicking off on Wednesday the 9th October as I'll be playing at the MOTORPOINT ARENA in Nottingham!!!!!! It is the annual Beer & Cider Festival and as many of you guys know I played this festival 2 years ago when it was located in the grounds of Nottingham Castle but this year we're at the Arena and I am SO excited!!!  You can grab tickets here if you're free.. and MAKE SURE you come over and say hello! TICKETS

As for the other big gig in October - you're gonna have to wait until next week to find out about that one, but Scotland .... buckle up buttercups! 🤩


Lynz xx






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