PAW This Month!

PAW Dog of the Month: Audrey


Audrey is 36-pound dachshund mix who is joyous, affectionate, and spunky. This two-year-old beauty is fully house-trained, loves to cuddle, and has a full-bodied wag, with the wiggles going all the way up to her shoulders. Despite her diminutive size and short legs, she thinks she’s a guard dog. She takes this responsibility very seriously and is highly protective. Audrey would take a bullet for her foster family, but she’s terrible at understanding what actually represents a clear and present danger. On her list of things to protect you from: bicycles, joggers who veer too close to you, shrieking children, and unfamiliar dogs. She will need an experienced dog guardian who can work with her to curb this behavior. Audrey is in a home with cats and dogs right now, and went from being nervous around cats to accepting them as necessary evils. She has also warmed up to her foster dog pals and is now a good-natured, sassy friend to them, but it took a little time for her to adjust. Audrey is a special girl, and she’ll make the right person or family a fun, devoted, protective companion.

If you are interested in adopting Audrey, please go to…/personal-information… to submit an application. Thank you for helping Audrey find her forever home!


PAW Cat of the Month: Storm


Storm is an affection-seeking, sweet, playful female who we estimate was born in 2017. She and her sister Thunder were given up by an owner who could't take care of them any longer and now she's looking for a new family to love. Storm is a petite girl and might be called a dilute tortoiseshell - an unusual but beautiful mix, with a coat of gray, brown and orange markings. She gets along with other cats - not sure about dogs. Her gentle personality will win you over! 

Storm is negative for FIV/FELV, is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations. 

If you would like to meet Storm, please contact Heather at you for helping Storm find her forever home!

Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities!

Do More 24!

Do More 24 is the DMV's largest annual 24-hour online fundraiser,
powered by United Way of the National Capital Area (United Way NCA).
Do More 24 goes live at 12:00PM on May 22nd and closes at 11:59AM on
May 23rd.  There is also a one-day advanced giving period on May 15.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  PAW has a big goal to raise $10,000 in this year's
Do More 24 campaign.  Our adoptions are at an all time high and we
want to continue our momentum!  Money raised from this campaign will
help PAW continue it's efforts to rescue and adopt homeless animals
and place them in loving and stable homes. Let's make 2019 our best
year yet!

We would be honored if you would give and share this opportunity with
your family, friends, and colleagues, and let them see how much you
care!  Not sure who to reach out to?  Join us in building our network
and telling 24 people about PAW - let's reclaim kindness and put more
good in the world!

Click Here for our Do More 24 Campaign Page!

Thursday Yappy Hours at Caddies!

PAW has an exciting new sponsorship for the summer! Caddies Bar & Grill in Bethesda, MD will be offering Yappy Hour each Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30PM through September 30 where they will be featuring a puppy inspired cocktail menu. For each Titos drink sold through September 30 on Yappy Hour Thursdays, Titos will donate $1 to PAW.

Bring your fellow dog lovers and pups, if weather permits, and come support PAW. Let's make Caddies your destination yappy social hour for the summer! 

We are so excited for our Tito's and Caddies sponsorship and appreciate them helping us make a difference in the community!

Caddies Bar & Grill
4922 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Silver New American Brasserie in Bethesda and Cathedral will be
supporting PAW as part of their "Pups on the Patio" program, which
runs every Thursday through October 31st.  For each event, which runs
from 4:00PM to 6:30PM, Silver will donate 10% of the group sales to PAW.  The dates for the events are:

-  August 29th - Silver Cathedral
-  September 26th - Silver Cathedral
-  October 3rd, 17th, and 24th - Silver Cathedral
-  October 3rd and 24th - Silver Bethesda

Silver Bethesda
7150 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20815

Silver Cathedral
3404 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

How Maryland and Federal Employees Can Help PAW

Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC): is a workplace charitable giving program that offers State Employees and eligible Retirees the opportunity to contribute to charities using the convenience of payroll deduction. Currently, more than 800 charities participate in the campaign, including PAW. The MCC runs from October 9 - December 18, 2018. If you are a MD State employee or eligible retiree and would like to donate to PAW through the MCC, please go to: Thank you!

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): About 85% of PAW expenses this year will be for veterinary care and boarding for our rescue animals. Our funding is entirely dependent on individual bequests, donations at fundraising events, the website, and the Combined Federal Campaign. CFC is the workplace charitable donation vehicle for active and retired federal employees and contractors, and represents more than 22,000 charities. We receive about 20% of our income through CFC, a 50% decline over recent years. Donations to all CFC charities are down and this year's fundraising atmosphere will be particularly challenging. If we are to continue to rescue, heal, and place animals at our current pace, we need to raise significantly more CFC funds. If you are an active or retired federal employee and would like to donate through CFC, please be sure to speak with your agency CFC coordinator. You can also ask your CFC coordinator to get us an invitation to their charity fair!  CFC events occur primarily between early October and mid-November on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in helping at one of the fairs, please contact Martha at You do not need to be a federal employee or retiree to help at the fairs. We really appreciate your help! 

Shop with Amazon Smile!

When shopping online with Amazon, make sure you shop through Amazon Smile. It is exactly the same, except a portion of your purchase will benefit PAW. In the 1st Quarter of this year, Amazon Smile users contributed $362.44 by just simply shopping. So please remember to shop with Amazon Smile and make sure PAW is your chosen non-profit. Thank you for all of your support!

5 Springtime Safety Tips for Cats

A Message From our Friends at Modern Cat.

With the warmer weather upon us and springtime dangers lurking around the corner, our four-legged feline friends are susceptible to an increased number of accidents and illnesses. So, Embrace Pet Insurance has compiled a list of spring dangers for cat parents to be on the lookout for this season.

1. Chocolate and Other Sweets

Even with all the attention the cocoa bean gets, chocolate still ranks as the number one pet poison according to vets across the USA. Xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol used as a sweetener in many common human food products such as candy and chewing gum, is another item to keep out of your cat’s reach.

Other hazardous items like fake grass, candy wrappers, and plastic eggs are notorious for causing gastrointestinal obstructions in pets. Cats especially seem to enjoy chewing on the shimmering, wiggling temptation of fake grass. Take it from Carly, a curious kitty who racked up more than $5,000 in vet bills after swallowing 36 inches of ribbon. Thankfully, Embrace covered the charges, but it’s important to remember to be diligent and keep fake grass out of your cat’s reach.

2. Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning with products labeled “natural” doesn’t mean your cats are free from harm (or expensive veterinary bills!). According to claims data at Embrace, the average cost of a cat poison claim is over $1,000. Avoid this hazardous situation all-together by making sure that your spring cleaning products are pet-friendly and, when cleaning, keep your kitty secure and away from the area until all cleaning substances are dry and out of paws’ reach.

3. Spring Plants and Flowers

Easter Lily and other springtime blooms are common findings this time of year. This plant and related plants in the lily family are very toxic to cats if ingested. The first signs of a problem are vomiting and lethargy, and if untreated, these may progress to kidney failure and death. The average cost of treatment for lily intoxication is $1,250, so be careful to keep these problematic blooms away from your kitty at all times. Daffodils, another popular component of spring floral arrangements, are also toxic to cats.

4. Springtime Allergies

Just like you, your cat can have allergies to the plants and pollens of springtime, especially if you have an indoor/outdoor kitty. Spring and autumn are the peak seasons when most pet parents notice an increase in their pet’s chewing and scratching. Don’t be alarmed if your cat develops a new itch but do seek veterinary advice. Treating your cat’s allergies can cost upwards of $300, which, Embrace covers under their accident and illness plan.

5. Fleas and Ticks

Springtime is a welcome relief to many of us who live in colder climates. However, one thing to remember as outdoor cats start spending more time outside, is proper flea and tick prevention. Indoor cats can also get fleas if you have other pets in the home that could bring them in from outdoors. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to decide on the best plan for you and your cat. Flea and tick prevention is covered under Embrace’s Wellness Rewards.

Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, expensive vet bills can come at any time, during any season. That’s why many cat owners elect to protect themselves. Pet health insurance offers peace of mind when it comes to the wellbeing of your cat, while reducing the financial burden. Instead of worrying about bills, you can focus your energy on what’s more important, a healthy kitty! To learn more about Embrace’s personalized pet insurance and get a free quote, visit their website.

Any and all advertisements in the above article do not represent the opinions or recommendations of Partnership for Animal Welfare, Inc.

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3. Leashes for large dogs (leather or nylon leashes only - we don’t use the retractable kind)

4. Nylon dog harnesses (all sizes - as clean as possible please) 

5. Towels - all sizes (clean)

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