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We would officially like to welcome you to YOUR MarineSAFE voyage
Let's get you Signed Up
Our website is now live and our first module - Vessel Induction - is ready for you to complete
Check out the website and Sign Up here

The Vessel Induction module aims to provide new crew with induction information on the terminology, hazards, risk management processes and emergency equipment on board.

MarineSAFE recommend that experienced crew also complete this module as a refresher for MOSS compliance.

What's next?
You have 7 more modules coming soon to continue your learning pathway on your MarineSAFE voyage

We will keep you posted on when the next modules go live, but for now:

  1. Check out the website
  2. Sign Up!
  3. Complete the Vessel Induction module
  4. Your certificate will be emailed to you automatically (Yay...congrats!)
  5. Email your certificate to your Skipper
  6. If you are a Skipper then download and print the free Crew Induction Checklist template

And most importantly - give us your feedback

Don't forget, all these modules are free

You will need to be online on your device (computer or mobile) to be able to complete the modules, but early next year we will have our very own MarineSAFE APP available for iPhones and Androids so that you can complete the modules offline as well.

    Let’s ‘catch’ up

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