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Hello again!

I just can't seem to get any consistency going with sending you emails but I'm still here, still trying!

Part of the challenge has been much stuck-ness relating to wanting to change my name...

Now feels like a good time to let go of my married name and, not wanting to go back to my maiden name for various reasons, I've not really known what I wanted to use.

Having finally decided – on Lea Jovy – I've got a brand new website on a new domain, a new offering and a what feels like a really clean slate something great :)

[Note: If you're curious why 'Jovy', you can find out why on my new website]

And so going forward in this newsletter, I aim to share with you the great things that I'm using, reading, doing and more...

The Latest & Greatest

These are the great things others are doing that I've been getting value out of; you may notice they're mostly aligned around the themes I work with in The Focus Group – Strategy, Technology and Communication :) 


I was recently fortunate to see the intimate behind-the-scenes details of a $500k launch weekend. While there are some folk who run their launches solo, claiming they use nothing more than a simple sales page and some oh-so-simple tactics (that you too can use if you would only sign up their webinar), this was not one of those.

This was a 30+ person huge team effort that was around a year in the making (on top of a foundation of over a decade in the business). 

I don't care what anyone tempts you with, you can NOT shortcut the fact that to have a launch like this you need to have built (not bought) an audience, who listens to you, is loyal to you AND will buy from you. And even then, you have to work your a$$ off to actually sell the damn thing!

The experience was so valuable and I learned so much that I'll be breaking it down into more detail and sharing it in The Focus Group, as a bonus for the first few members when it opens.


Airtable – a tool I discovered from one of the remote companies I work with; this is great if you need to manage and manipulate lots of data but you're not a fan of spreadsheets (it's part spreadsheet, part database and very user friendly).

Notion HQ – Basecamp, Trello, etc.'d think we wouldn't need yet another project management tool. But it seems we do! I have been loving Notion recently to help organise my various projects, personal and professional.


Notes from your therapist – this is a recent discovery on Instagram and it's now one of my favourites. We bring so many of our childhood patterns and behaviours into adulthood and most of the time we don't even know it; they are HUGE blindspots.

These notes are SO spot on, value-laden if you're open to the insights shared, and relevant to everyone, whether you see a therapist or not. I HIGHLY recommend following Alison for the insights into yourself ;)

My Latest & Greatest

This is a brief round-up of my version of "Do something great" :) 

The Focus Group

This is my new offering, opening for business on July 1st, the day after my 42nd birthday. Here's some blurb from my website...

The Focus Group is essentially an online group where we focus on THREE key areas that stop many people from moving forwards. It is flexible, accessible and affordable – join only the track(s) you want to focus on, no minimum period, use the group as much or as little as you need.

There are very few rules which makes it ideal for rule breakers and if you, like me, choose freedom as much as possible. There are however strong and effective boundaries and if you struggle with these, which I know many people do, we’ll be working on these too ;) The support provided in The Focus Group is centred around THREE key areas...

STRATEGIC THINKING: Being able to think more strategically and act in a more focused and intentional way when it comes to doing the great things you want to do in your life.

TECHNOLOGICAL SMARTS: Being able to choose the right technology and use it to its full potential, in a way that works FOR you and not against you, as you do the things you want to do.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Being able to communicate directly, set and hold better boundaries and cope when others use less-than-helpful ways of communicating.

To find out more about The Focus Group, click here.


This venture with my partner has had a refresh recently...a revamped website, tweaked focus and we'll shortly be adding more of a 'follow along' blog, as we begin the process of fully blending our 2 families, starting to consider and plan for longer term travel with all 4 kids, and getting married in 2020!

We're launching a premium membership on June 15th for anyone else wanting to make changes of their own (personal or professional), and who want to be surrounded by folk who get this (versus folk who want to stay rooted in what is/was). 

I would love to hear if you're doing something great that you'd like to share...just hit 'reply' and drop me a line.

Until next time,


Lea Jovy

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