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Hey ,

The $100k ShoutOut & AmpiFire Offer
& Our $10k Bonus Closes Permanently
When The Timer Below Hits Zero.


And when we say permanently, we mean it.  The sales page will close, and the offer will never be made public again.

You can watch this on the replay above but remember, the $100k Shoutout & AmpiFire is a deadly software and training package that shows you how you can push real traffic to any page, any offer, any client with only 6 minutes of work to set up the campaign.

You can resell this service to your clients for far more than the cost of the package and since it's for your business, it's also a tax write off.  

There really isn't much left to say, other than...

If you haven't seen the biggest bonus we've ever put together, our Keyword Supremacy software update (that you get full access too) and what the $100k Shoutout / AmpiFire package is about, 2 case studies to prove it works as well as Jay & Chris claim (including our own case study), than go check it out now!

If you are tired of getting emails about it, breathe a sigh of relief because after today, we won't be mailing about this again.

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