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Quick favor, lovelies, then I'm deep into edits for the Supar Sekrit Project! =D

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Starting January 2021 readers will get the chance to order a curated book crate with some of the latest, hottest, binge-worthy reads and they're all supernatural books.

Included will be 3 signed books plus 2-4 pieces of bookish swag. If this is something you're interested in, fill out the interest form below and if you want MY books, be sure to suggest me in the suggestion line. 

There is zero obligation to purchase a book crate. But, by completing the form you're saying, "I love this idea and please email me first when sign ups are open!"

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New from friends!
Werewolves & Whiskers: Sawtooth Peaks Wolf Shifter Romance Box Set

Second chances at love. Deadly enemies.

Two wolf shifter brothers, heirs to be alpha of their pack, strive to find peace after destruction and love after loss. This small town paranormal romance box set contains all five books in the Werewolves of Sawtooth Peaks series.

Running to the Pack
Defending the Pack
Uniting the Pack
Howling with the Pack
Leaving the Pack

Wild Temptations (The Holbrook Brothers Shifters Book 1)

When a trip to the great outdoors goes horribly wrong, a small-town ER nurse soon finds herself with more than she can handle.

Christian Holbrook is looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend of fishing with his brothers, complete with their usual jokes about his lacklustre love life. But when he discovers a mysterious cave hidden deep among the trees, the creature that lurks within changes his life forever.

Libby Grimes is an ER nurse in a small country town. Tasked with the stressful job of caring for her wheelchair-bound mother, her long days and sleepless nights are haunted by the strange disappearance of her father. She knows he wouldn’t abandon them – but all her clues led to dead-ends.

When Christian checks into her hospital, her mystery takes a new turn. His symptoms are unlike anything she’s ever seen before. His wounds heal faster than she thought possible and all her tests are inconclusive. But beyond the deep scars in his arm, Libby soon finds herself drawn to him. She feels the magnetic pull between them – and she can’t help but notice the striking familiarity that lies behind his eyes.

As their feelings grow, can Libby she help Christian overcome the darkness forming inside him? Or will his new powers be her end?

Outfoxing Her Mate (Shifting Hearts Dating App Book 5)

A fox with armor around her heart…

Blair Reynard knows from experience that workplace romances are just not a good idea. Ever. Not even with a certain hunky detective with hungry eyes and a smiley face mask. Up to her eyeballs in crime scene footage, she is determined to find evidence of a killer before he strikes again. But when her co-worker talks her into logging into the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency App, her plans go up in more than just a sizzling puff of smoke.

A wolf running out of time…

Detective Dominic Martinez is hot on the trail of a serial bomber in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic. When the new surveillance specialist comes to the attention of his wolf, his world is upended. Winter Bay is about to reopen, but there’s more at stake than just his heart. When a domestic terrorist threatens the people he loves, he must act quickly or risk losing everything. No one gets in the way of an alpha wolf protecting what’s his and the fur is going to fly.

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