Spoke at Canada's largest tech festival!

A couple of days ago, I spoke at Elevate, Canadas largest tech festival, it was such a great experience and conference!

Projects & Research

This month, I worked a lot on Visual Molecular Dynamics and simulating the technology Im working on developing at Genis, silicoin nitride nanopores for DNA sequencing. Finally got it working!

Another really facinating technology I am working on, is Quantum Chemsitry. My focus is the application of quantum mechanics in physical models and experiments of chemical systems. 

Conferences I Attended

This month I attended Elevate, Canda's largest tech festival! It was such an amazing conference and I met such awesome people, such as Michele Romanow, Navdeep Bains, and many more!

Next Steps

This month was a lot of learning. Next month I'll be pumping out more content!

  1. Writing more articles about quantum chemistry and simulating some models.
  2. Make Progress with Genis, get lab access and find technical mentorship so I can start fabrication.
  3. Simulate more nanotechnology structures using visual molecular dynamics and actually analyze the results using NAMD.
  4. Meet more people and attend more events!

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