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February 7, 2020
Meeting this Monday

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Here are key agenda items for the Bennington City Council's February meeting (full agenda available here):

Kempten Creek and new parkland: We'll get an update on this collaborative project between the city, the Bennington Community Foundation, and the developer of the proposed Kempten Creek subdivision. The vision calls for new youth athletic fields, parkland, and even special features such as a splash park south of Bennington Road at Johns-Bohn Park. The Council will likely vote Monday night on a proposal to pay for some initial design work.

ASIP fees: The Council will formally consider a proposed ordinance to begin collecting a 0.75% fee on newly constructed homes in new developments outside of city limits. This funding would be restricted for use in improving and maintaining arterial roads, such as Bennington Road, that are carrying more and more traffic. This is a first-round vote; if it advances, it could be adopted in March.

Other business: Dr. Terry Haack, Superintendent of Bennington Public Schools, will brief the Council on the school district's upcoming bond issue. The city's financial auditor will present the final audit from last year and help us understand the city's current financial position. We'll get an update on the 156th Street project. Lastly, we'll continue our review of the city's personnel policies, modernizing rules for vacation and other benefits to make us a competitive employer.

The meeting is 6:30 Monday evening in the city offices next to the Bennington Public Library. 

Questions or concerns about any of the topics above? Please let me know.


Shane Pekny
Bennington City Council, Ward 1
Bennington City Council, Ward 1

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