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The day of GLL Forum and Awards has all you need for a break of the New Year – the overview and appreciation of the year that passed, the connections and the resolutions for the future, and the inspiring crowd to celebrate it all.
More than 250 guests, partners, and friends from 22 countries of 4 continents, first, shook the National Library with talks and discussions on strategic communication, business advisory as well as global brain map of Lithuania. Then, the energetic crowd filled the Presidential palace and the whole Vilnius with celebration of talent and commitment.
Let the positive energy lead you to new challenges and victories! Let the new connections grow into friendships and partnerships!

GLL Forum

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Once again, Forum of Global Professionals proved its reputation of a platform for meaningful connections – it brought together 250 global Lithuanians from 22 countries – from the USA to Hong Kong, from Australia to UAE and Norway. What they find and enjoy here is:

  • audience like themselves – curious, critical, challenging;
  • speakers like themselves – professional, eager to learn and share;
  • topics they all can offer creative and smart solutions to.  

GLL partner LRT Radio gave a comprehensive overview of the speakers, workshops and the audience. Spare some time to listen >> or read a short overview on media>>. Follow us on Facebook as we will be releasing more materials and insights from the Forum.   

GLL Talks | Vol.1

Rimvydas Baltaduonis | Economic Cost of Tolerance

Besides being engaged in many social initiatives and projects globally, Dr. Rimvydas Baltaduonis is pursuing an academic career and is a popular Economics professor at Gettysburg College (PA), currently conducting research at Columbia University (NY). During his presentation he highlighted scientific studies and shared his own observations about positive economic effects of embracing diversity and promoting inclusion in our workplaces, communities and societies. The younger generation of millenials increasingly stands out in their demands for social corporate responsibility and therefore, forward looking businesses are becoming very mindful about environmental, social and governance aspects of their enterprises.  

Kotryna Stankutė Jaščemskienė | Philanthropy in Lithuania

After six years of building the network of global Lithuanians, Kotryna Stankutė moved on to develop and campaign for building the sharing culture in the society of global Lithuanians. She devoted her speech to the overview of Lithuanian philanthropical development over last few decades and presented the variety of ways it has been done locally and globally.  She noticed that according to surveys Lithuanians tend to fund and support discreetly.

In her sincere belief, just by talking more about emerging initiatives as Marius Jakulis Jason Fondas more people might get encouraged and inspired for good deeds.

Group Discussions

Academic Network | Powered by STRATA

Participants: global scientists, representatives of STRATA and Lithuanian Research Council, rectors of Lithuanian universities. 
Questions discussed: what would be the purpose of the academic network? How could it attract the scientists to join? What institution should own and administer the network?
Learn more about outcomesin STRATA newsletter. 

Positioning Statement of Lithuania | Powered by Prime Minister's Office

Participants: Lithuanians living and working abroad.
Questions discussed: what strengths of Lithuanians and Lithuania makes it unique and attractive on the global market?
Learn about outcomes: on LRT morning show Labas Rytas and in press release.

Global Advisory for Scaling Local Business | Powered by TRIBE Global Leaders Search

Participants: expat executive professionals, serving as Supervisory Board members of Lithuanian companies, international business mentors – GLL Business advisors, legal/investment advisors and entrepreneurs.

Panel: Kęstutis Bagdonavičius PhD (ERGO Group, DE), Daumantas Dvilinskas (Transfer Go, UK), Šarūnas Kubilickas (Triodos Investment, NL) Danguole Hackel PhD (Eversheds Sutherland, DE), Arvydas Bložė (Practica Capital, LT). Moderated by Dalia Petkevičienė, GLL co-founder and Partner at TRIBE Global Leaders Search.

Global Lithuanian Awards 2019

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Global Lithuanian Awards paid respect to the global Lithuanians reaching out and leading Lithuania to global heights and opening doors to international elite of business, science, arts, and social change.  Devote some of your time and attention to watch the video stories of the Laureates

As a 100 % feminine team, we were happy to create an exceptional moment of glory for as many as 10 outstanding female creators who all were announced as Laureates by President Gitanas Nausėda – Conductor Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla, Soprano Asmik Grigorian, Authors of "Lapė yra Laimė" Evelina Daciūtė and Aušra Kiudulaitė, Neuroscientist Urtė Neniškytė, Scientist Agnė Kajackaitė, Creators of Sun&Sea (Marina) Lina Lapelytė, Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė, Film Producer Lineta Mišeikytė. 

See the ceremony on LRT Plius>>

Traditional X-mas Drinks

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The day of GLL Forum and Awards was crowned by the noisy celebration of GLL 10th Anniversary – thanks to the cooperation of Clubs of Global Professional Abroad the birthday party had a cake with candles, toasts and songs, and the most cheerful crowd to party!
During these 10 years, GLL was happy to see the network / community / tribe of global Lithuanians growing out of all pubs and bars in town and networking beyond 24 hours a day. Let's keep connecting!  
Standing ovation to X-mas Drinks co-hosts Global Shapers Vilnius and LCLC Club for connecting such a great crowd!


Forum of Lithuanian Professionals in Germany | January 25 | Berlin

With belief in connection and cooperation, Club of Lithuanian Professionals in Berlin LEO in Berlin (Lithuanian Expats Organization in Berlin) has announced January 25th as the meeting day of Lithuanian professionals in Germany! REGISTER for the Forum full of intensive networking, inspiring speakers, and interactive workshops so that it results with strong connections.

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