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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! How are you all holding up? I'm starting to lose track of the days now.

But I've made a promise to myself that every day I'm going to continue getting up at a reasonable time, showering and changing my clothes. Every day I do at least one thing that "moves the needle" in my business (even if that needle is small), and every day I pick one thing to deep clean (today it was my stovetop burners). When I think about it, that's really just 5 things on my to-do list.

What are you doing to fight the blahs during this time of uncertainty? Have you dove into self development, are you getting some well-needed some self-care and rest, or is it just business as usual at your place? Let me know in a reply. I want to know how my corset VIPs are coping!

Next, I'm going to try to introduce some new products in a way that's not mind-numbingly boring:

Florals and Spring Shades are now here!
I dare you to press the button (jk it's just my corset shop)

(I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use that gif from The Devil Wears Prada.)

Just in time for spring (in the Northern hemisphere), we've got some new TT floral corsets available! This was a favorite from past years, and was previously called "Close to Me" after the hit song from The Cure (whose music video scarred my tender child brain).

Both of these colorways (the pink and the blue) are 100% cotton print, which means it's beautifully breathable, abrasion resistant, matte and can be used for regular wear. Clicky the piccies above to read more about each corset!

If florals make you gag then we've got some new colorways for you too:

While it's difficult to see, the picture on the left is a Round rib Gemini while the one in the middle is a Straight rib Gemini. On the right is the Libra!

The black scalloped brocade is a beautiful synthetic mesh brocade that resembles subtle scales, and it's deliciously saturated black (it really does look darker than the black cotton!).

For those who prefer natural fabrics, we have blue cotton in the house as well - it's a bit more vibrant shade than your typical denim, but if you want to mix and match your blue shades, go for it! I personally like monochromatic fashion. Oh, and if you wanted the round rib Gemini in the blue instead, I got you covered.

I'm gonna talk about this more next week, but I just wanted to tease this:
Clicking this will give you hips (sort of.)
Lucy wears the Jade corset by Glamorous Corset
No, it's not the rubber cincher. Look down!

Hear me out on this. I don't often consider adding non-corset products to my shop, and when I do, I make sure it's at least corset-adjacent and of trustworthy quality.

David from Sculptress Fashions first contacted me nearly 6 months ago, and I slowly got to know more about their silicone prosthetic shapers (hip pads), over time.

I'm not the curviest girl naturally. My pelvis is boney and relatively narrow, and even at dramatic waist reductions, there are still some corsets that I won't ever be able to properly fill out in the hips. Think of Orchard's CS-479, or many WKD and MCC corsets made for pear-shapes -- or even my own Gemini! They all gape and flare away at the bottom edge on me, and it kinda sucks that I have to say no to reviewing these corsets because I know there's no way they would fit my body properly. David offered to send me a sample of the hip pads, and lately I've been using the pads under my corsets... and they've opened up a new world to me.

Yep, hip pads are not just for performers and AMAB folks. And I'm pretty excited about how I can combine corsets and hip pads for my corset reviews, and in my reproduction vintage wear for future Outfit of the Day / Dressing with Corsets videos! Did you know that in the Victoria and Edwardian eras, and even up to the New Look era in the 1940s, women padded out their hips?

The standard length hip pads fill out everywhere from my obliques above the iliac crest (adding an extra two inches of "love hands" for lack of a better term), to a full 4-5 extra inches at the low hip and derriere, and tapering down the thighs.

 I was so impressed that I called up David and we discussed the possibility of me being Sculptress's first online retailer. I know it's not corsets, but I feel like as another form of shapewear, they fit so well together. I'll get some pics of myself together over the weekend (it's been hard convincing myself to dress up during quarantine), but if you want to learn more about the hip pads, and see how they fit and look on other models, click the button below!

Click the BUTTon. (Get it? No? *sigh*)
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