As we step into NomadMania November, let's reflect on the stirring journey we embarked on just last month.

Our Ukraine Tour, a trip filled with deep emotions and tough questions about travel ethics, took us through the heart of a country rebuilding from conflict. From the vibrant streets of Lviv to the resilient corners of Kharkiv, we witnessed the undeniable spirit of Ukraine.

For a full, in-depth account of our experiences and the brave souls we met along the way, we invite you to read our detailed report.

Discover how, amidst remnants of turmoil, hope blooms and the human spirit prevails. Here is a brief passage from the extended report.

'For safety reasons, the group largely bypassed Izyum and headed straight to a village called Kamyanka, five kilometers further. Everything had been flattened. A village without any significance, already poor to begin with, had been mostly reduced to rubble, with the school and hospital destroyed, and unusable car wrecks scattered at the edge of the dirt roads of this forgettable village.'

New Series Updates

We've ventured into the heart of the West Africa megaregion, adding temples,  impressive waterfalls and much more to our Series, inviting you to experience the rhythm and soul of this diverse landscape of no less than 16 countries.

We have also focused on adding to a number of Series in the coming month.

Step into sacred spaces with our Religious Museums Series, featuring ancient icons and modern masterpieces. Gear up for our Sports Museums Series, with halls dedicated to legendary games and players. Our Lighthouses Series guides you to coastal beacons with storied pasts. Salute the valor in our expanded Military, War and Police Museums. And journey across breathtaking vistas with new entries in our Roads, Road Bridges and Tunnels Series.

Remember that we're only as good as we are thanks to you, and we always value your Series corrections and suggestions.

New DARE Additions

We continue to expand our DARE list with new, intriguing locations for you to discover each week.

We're eager to share this week's selection of quirky, out-of-the-way, little visited places. Our ever-growing DARE list now stands at 1311 places!

Isla Gorgona

Here are the DARE spots we've added:


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