Cosigner Liability & Annual Reviews

Why are they suing me?

Thinking about cosigning a loan for someone? Think you will only be the "backup" to the original borrower? Think again.

We have recently had several calls from people getting sued because they cosigned a loan and did not realize what they were getting into. You better read this post before you think about cosigning for any loans. 

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Do Your Annual Review Now

Taxes done? Don't just stuff all those documents back in your filing cabinet. You have one more thing to do!

Tax time is the very best time to do an annual review of your legal and financial situation. This is what we call "preventative legal medicine." Our post gives you a checklist of things to review to make it easy. You will sleep better knowing your family is protected after you conduct this short review.

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L@L - Laughing at Lawyers

Got Legal Questions?  Arm yourself with information so you can make informed, intelligent decisions about what to do now. See our website for your Free Legal Guide. Discover what you need to know about your legal issue today.

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