January 2019

The Station Master`s Report

Welcome to the first Footbridge Editorial of 2019 ….. and a happy new year to all.

I’ve been posted AWOL for the last two months and between one thing and another, time has just flew past and slipped through my fingers.

First I’d like to extend a big welcome to our latest flurry of new members who have decided to feather their nests here on Platform1. Of course I offer the same to those of you who continue to return to the forum for another annual instalment ……. Welcome aboard !!!!!!

I’ll kick of this months offerings by remembering you all that both the current two competitions are due to close at the end of March so you are not too late to enter if you haven’t done so. Ron has taken the mantle on with his revisited layout thread and meanwhile Andy Solice and Leadie 69 show us their wares in the boxfile challenge. There is some pretty imaginative stuff going on there showing just how adaptable Johns Wiffens kits really are.

On the same note but a more serious tone, can I also remind everyone who buys Scalescenes kits of their obligations with regards to terms of purchase, in particular “ Copyright “ when buying Johns kits. I will neither condone nor conceal any breaches of this within the forum.

Now ….. moving on. Most of you will have noticed the Llangollen Preservation Society Class 26 presentation build. This project which aims to construct one of Steve Beatties newly developed class 26 diesel locomotives with the view to presenting it to Llangollen later on this year is gathering pace. The idea is mainly the brainchild of York Paul and facilitated between Platform1 and Llangollen by Andy Solice. York Paul has the task of building the donor kit and creating a scenic baseboard for incorporation into a presentation case ( also made by him ) Dundee Paul has been beavering away assisting Steve Beattie in the creation of the necessary 3D printed parts as part of the new build. We will keep you up to speed on the build as it continues and will also announce the presentation weekend at Llangollen in order to give everyone interested the opportunity to come along on the weekend and support the event.

Platform1’s latest long term project has now lifted off the ground and the design of the platform1 Showcase webpage is now in motion. Lis Molzahn, ( artist / web designer ) a newly joined member has come onboard to allow her to get a feel for the forum and  start putting pixels to paper with some design ideas. Welcome aboard Lis.

Probably a more personal thing for myself rather than Platform1 is the current ongoing buy out of the Steve Beattie range of O gauge locomotive kits by myself. This is hot off the press really and the acquisition is in its infancy with all the necessary elements of the change being facilitated between Steve and myself as I type. Steve will be going on to further his larger gauge projects, the details of which I have no doubt will be first to break on Platform1. Steve and I will continue to work together undertaking revisions to the existing range as well as the ongoing design of new Classes of locomotive kits in O gauge.

Initially, the entire range will be withdrawn from the market with the view to revising and where necessary retooling etc prior to their re-release.

I’d like to thank Steve personally and as well as looking forward to working with him on my own O gauge developments, wish him well with the pursuance of his own continuing interests.

I had planned for a visit down under this year but due to a change of personal circumstances, mainly the acquisition of my new kit venture placing new demands on my available finances …….. and the fact that I am 25 years un-married this year, thought better of dumping SWMBO in favour of a holiday with the AU branch. So …… I’ll be looking at the possibility of booking that in for 2020.

On to some of the latest forum subjects that have been doing the rounds over the last while. Ron has kept us updated with his revised layout thread completing some pretty major renovations at his usual breakneck speed ….. don’t know where he gets the energy. Keep it coming Ron.

Both Andy Solice and Dundee show us what can be achieved through 3D printing with Timbersurf having an attempt with mould making. I think these mediums are fairly taking off with more and more taking advantage of making their own products with the advent of the latest technology available. All interesting stuff.

Red Piper Bob flashed his latest art collection with two of Chrissie Pulhams phenomenal artworks examples from her portfolio. Keep it in mind that prints are available should anybody wish to join the art set. Again, congratulations Chrissie on the production of such fantastic works.

I’m going to sign off for now as I’m up to my pierced ears in further “ to do’s “ so it only leaves me to thank everyone again and hand you over to Gary for this editions pick of the posts, and monthly photographic teaser. Over to you Gary


All the best for now.




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