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No More Secrets is now LIVE!

Grab it now at the introductory price of just 99¢!

This week's new release is now available and it's called No More Secrets.

This is a re-edited version of Burden of Guilt and it's been given a snazzy new cover.

As the title suggests, the book shows how dark secrets from the past can haunt our lives for many years.

If you're wondering when the brand new books are coming, fear not!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find details of my new releases there :-)

Hanging from a rope ...

I promised I'd share some personal photos in these email updates and today I've chosen this image of me dangling from the Humber Bridge in the UK.

This was one of my many fun adventures when I worked on the radio.

Although you can't see it in the picture, I was wired up to a radio microphone at the time, giving a live commentary on what was going on.

The scariest bit?

That was when you lowered yourself off the side of the bridge and had to let the rope take your weight :-)

And the winner is ...

Thanks so much to everybody who's been buying my books over the past month, I really appreciate your support.

As promised, I've made a random draw from everybody who sent me their proof of purchase during September and the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card is:

Mary Nickell

Congratulations on your win, Mary, you should have already received your gift card notification by the time you read this.

Coming soon ...

I'm going to revert to sending less frequent email updates once again, so as not to bombard your inboxes.

Just so you don't miss anything, here are my book releases coming up in October:

Monday 7th October - So Many Lies [New book!]

Pre-order your copy HERE

Monday 14th October - Action & Adventure Box Set [Great if you're in Kindle Unlimited]

Coming soon!

Monday 21st October - Two Years After [New book!]

Pre-order your copy HERE

Monday 28th October - Friends Who Lie [Previously released as Who To Trust]

Pre-order your copy HERE

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