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It's Day 7 of the SELF-CARE Bootcamp!

Today is a rest day so please enjoy it - you deserve it! It's also a great opportunity to catch up on any audios that you've missed or check out the bonus self-care content (find it on the Welcome page below).

I've also got some lovely self-care TED talks for you, including one by Carl Honore who is one my fab clients husband, who I had the joy of sharing an office with once upon a time - he is AWESOME!

Janey x

Don't forget, all the program content and videos are hosted on the password-protected SELF-CARE pages.

CLICK HERE for the Welcome page (password: selfcare)
and CLICK HERE for the Week 1 page which contains your Day 7 content (password: selfcare)

The importance of SELF-CARE!

.I'd like to share these TED talks with you as they are great and cover lots of different topics around self-care such as 'In praise of slowness', 'Why dieting doesn't usually work' and 'The power of vulnerability'. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to watch!

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