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Booksweeps giveaway!

Facets of Fate Cover Art is Here!

Cover art designed by Eileen Wiedbrauk -- who has done ALL my Fate of the Gods covers from day one! 

I talked about this collection in my last newsletter (back in April! Wow. May got away from me there!) and since then, I've been hard at work formatting and finishing! 

Now I have more details to share:

1) This book will release FIRST in paperback. Not because I want to trick anyone (the ebook release will follow shortly thereafter) but just the timetable on MY end is tight with another project, and I want my formatter to have the time she needs to get the ebook properly pretty, so no one gets something that looks like gobbledegook because I cheated on quality control and skipped actually HAVING it formatted for your e-reading pleasure. (Possibly this is me being too honest but. Authorlife, friends. We all sometimes overbook ourselves, I fear.) Also my personal impetus for releasing this collection is so readers can finally have TEMPTING FATE in print -- something I've been asked about repeatedly since Mia's novella released, so that's what I've been most focused on achieving first thing!

2) If you didn't see the post on my blog in May (caution, Spoilers for BEYOND FATE!), after the newsletter -- the *all new* story, titled FINDING FATE will focus on Marcus! For some of you, I know, he is NOT your favorite but I think he deserves a shot at redemption! (Also he really grew on me in draft two and I kind of love the guy!)

3) FACETS OF FATE is coming to you in JULY! 

4) A brief reminder of the other stories included in the Facets of Fate collection:

Tempting Fate (Mia and Adam's story)

Bride Price (Previously available only online at Birdville Magazine, and newly revised -- for its BM publication, I removed some of the more specifically Fate of the Gods elements, and I've always wanted to put them back in for you.)

Taming Fate (The story of Eve and the oft-referenced Marquis DeLeon)

Mortal Flesh and Homecoming (Two very short flash pieces, previously available only online on my blog.)

5) Also if you're wondering, in my head, that figure on the horse trying to outrace the storm that may or may not be representative of Thor's presence is definitely Ryam DeLeon. Which is 50% of the reason I *love* this cover for the collection, so much of which relates to the House of Lions, and also just the way in which Eve's mortal friends and family get so unwittingly entangled in the affairs of the gods, whether they want to be or not. (I'd argue that this applies to Adam, too, if not quite so exactly.) 

Fate of the Gods Giveaway!

In celebration of the upcoming FACETS OF FATE release, and finally getting all my books onto shelves (and realizing how many copies of everything I have--too many!), I'm giving away a SIGNED set of the Fate of the Gods trilogy!! FORGED BY FATE, FATE FORGOTTEN, and BEYOND FATE can all be YOURS! 

All you need to do to enter is reply to this email BEFORE THURSDAY, JUNE 15th and I'll pick a random replier to win and get 'em in the mail!

(One entry per person, and if you don't email me back to claim your prize after it's awarded, I reserve the right to choose an alternate winner. USA only for this round!)

Find me at HNS Portland!

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area of the country on June 24th, come see me at the Historical Novel Society Conference Book Signing! I'll be attending primarily as Amalia Carosella, but I'm always happy to sign anything as Amalia Dillin as well. (DAUGHTER OF A THOUSAND YEARS, BY HELEN'S HAND, and TAMER OF HORSES will be available for sale at the conference bookstore, but if you have copies of anything of mine at home, feel free to bring it along.)

You can also register for the Readers Festival and enjoy some fun panels and coffee and tea with the HNS Portland Guests of Honor, Pulitzer Prize Winner Geraldine Brooks and acclaimed author David Ebershoff. (But you absolutely don't have to register for the Readers Festival to attend the signing!)

If you're attending the main conference, I'll be presenting a panel with Kate Quinn, Libbie Hawker, and Judith Starkston, moderated by Margaret George, about Myth and Legend vs the Historical Record, discussing how to reconcile these elements together (if they can be at all) to strengthen your historical fiction!

If you see me -- don't hesitate to say hello! At the signing, I'll have #NAMEthatBUTT stickers and magnets as well as bookmarks for DAUGHTER OF A THOUSAND YEARS, my HELEN OF SPARTA books, and TAMER OF HORSES!

Did You Know:

I'm working on a secret project right now as Amalia Carosella that's slated for the fall/winter -- how about a little tiny sneak peek?

“Butes-Akheloios came to me with nothing but the clothes upon his back, the finest linens and softest, most supple leather for his belt. Nothing but for the seed he planted in my womb, and the love he showered upon me. Every day, I climbed the spire to sing, and he would wade into the sea or climb the tumbled rocks hunting for our supper, and every night we would feast upon one another, sated and satisfied in spirit even when our bellies still growled with hunger.”

Aglaope closed her eyes, imagining what she had never known. Longing spilled over her body like so much sea spray, leaving gooseflesh upon her skin. “It must have been glorious.”

“To know a god’s love is no small thing, for however long it might last,” Thelxiope said. “But knowing our time together would be short made it all the sweeter, for Akheloios has greater duties than plowing us, as god of the rivers and the sweetest water. And so far from his domain, he cannot linger without weakening.

“Even so, Butes begged me to sail with him, when he had finally gathered wood enough for a skiff. He begged and pleaded, promising me rich lands and food enough that I might never hunger again. But the mother’s sickness had me by then, and I knew the sea would be no friend to me. And how could I leave my mother? My grandmother, who would never survive the journey, old and tired as she was. Someone had to sing for them, and my mother’s voice had grown too hoarse to manage it, if I had gone.”

Behind the Curtain Bonus

I never leave home without a notebook and lately, for various reasons, I've been doing a good bit of drafting while erranding -- returning to paper always makes me realize how much self-editing I do while I write, and how hugely I lean on the delete and copy/paste functions in word. I'm not particularly efficient with a pen, and sometimes it takes paragraphs before I realize that the path I've taken is the wrong one, and my only recourse is to put a giant x through three pages of work. 

le sigh.

Also the transcribing from paper to word doc is my absolute least favorite part of writing this way, even though I know it gives me another opportunity to self-edit, and my words are better for it. Just ugh. It gives me a case of the foot-dragging like you would not believe.

Anyway -- I thought you'd enjoy the glimpse of both a cut scene and the process!

(Yes, that background text is more Marcus, and yes, I draft single-spaced and only finally switch it up to double spaced when I send it to be edited or beta-read as a "finished" chapter or story. Why scroll endlessly while drafting if I do not have to?)

Currently Reading

By Helen's Hand
By *cough* um. Me.

By Helen's Hand (Helen of Sparta #2) 

So, a friend was telling me they were reading TAMER OF HORSES, and that provoked me to give it a reread along with him, and then when I finished I thought, "well I haven't read Helen of Sparta in a while, and I've never read it back to back chronologically with TAMER, either" and then I finished HELEN OF SPARTA and thought, "I might as well just finish it out and reread BY HELEN'S HAND, too, while I'm at it," annnd here I am today.

But rereading BHH, I am kind of particularly proud of myself? There are so many things that I am just still in love with. So at least it's holding up to my hyper-critical self-evaluation. I used to be proudest of HELEN OF SPARTA -- and I still AM proud of it and happy with it, but I think BHH is my current favorite of the two, and it's really a toss up for me against TAMER.

Listening To

Imagine Dragons -- Night Visions
(And some classic Weezer too.)

For whatever reason, Imagine Dragons has a very Sully vibe to me -- every time I listen to it, I think of Kate and Sully and their story-in-progress.* I'm not SUPPOSED to be working on it right now, and I have been doing a pretty good job keeping focused on Marcus and my other project as Amalia Carosella, but I keep coming back to this album anyway.

Also if you don't see the embedded player above, while viewing in your email client, click the view in html "Click here..." link up at the tippy top of the newsletter and it should reveal itself! (There might be more than just Imagine Dragons in that playlist -- and by "might be" I mean "is.")


*Part of me can't believe it's been two years since I started writing this -- but since it's only ever been my "in between projects" or "I desperately need to just write something for fun for a day" story, I guess it's not that surprising. 

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