Dear colleagues,

We are glad to present you our pilot issue of CES Focus in English.

Our goal is to provide you with the brief summary of efforts our experts put forth into supporting economic reforms in Ukraine.

We decided to start this issue with Kyiv Post article highlighting our event on institutional trust that took place on June 24 in Lviv. Please pay attention to the few things that speakers and participants agreed on: judicial and law enforcement reforms, decentralization, privatization, and trust in banking sector.

There is also much more on the reforms from our co-founder Ivan Miklos (“The Reform Story Isn’t Over”), senior economist Maria Repko (“What Will Ukraine’s Next Big Reform Be?”), and executive director Hlib Vyshlinsky (“Why Populism Isn’t Ukraine’s Number One Enemy”) – all for Atlantic Council.

In every issue, we will cover several key priority areas of our research and policy-making initiatives. This time around, it is macroeconomic stabilization (“Monetary Policy in the Times of Unprecedented Challenges”), effectiveness of state expenditures on education (“A Waste or an Investment in the Next Generation?”) and civil servants remuneration reform.

Thank you for taking time to check us out. If you like what you see here, please help us spread the word. 

Wishing you an enjoyable and productive summer!

– CES Team

Politicians, experts come to Lviv to discuss trustworthy institutions - Kyiv Post overview and photo report

Ukraine is virtually sitting on a gold mine, which is unknown and unmanaged – Dag Detter

Restoring Trust in Government Institutions – Video Discussion on Hromadske International

Focus on reforms

The Reform Story Isn’t Over in Kyiv

By Ivan Mikloš, CES co-founder

What Will Ukraine’s Next Big Reform Be?

By Maria Repko, CES deputy executive director

Why Populism Isn’t Ukraine’s Number One Enemy

By Hlib Vyshlinsky, CES executive director

Expert discussion: Moratorium on land sales – risks and benefits

With participation of Dmytro Yablonovskyy, CES senior economist

CES research outputs

The Term of Valeria Hontareva: Monetary Policy in the Times of Unprecedented Challenges

Can it be concluded that the policy of the Ukrainian central bank was quite successful, inasmuch as it was possible in those conditions?

Ukrainian-style Education: 129 Billions Hryvnya – a Waste or an Investment in the Next Generation?

What are the educational system’s biggest weaknesses that rob the country of its future?

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