the barrier to getting ideal clients is closer than you think


If you’ve never had someone hate on your copy…

You haven’t shown up unapologetically yourself on the page.


But I’m serious.

Many therapists hold back from being blazingly authentic in their copy for fear of criticism, shame, ridicule, or even retaliation.

Sadly, it’s not irrational. We’ve all seen it – fellow therapists swarming like flies on social media when a colleague makes a clinical or personal mistake, innocent or egregious. We watch others project, blame, sensationalize, gossip, rubberneck, and scoff at the accused. (We might do it, too.)

Witnessing this process, over and over, can cause a lot of fear and shame. 

It can even make you question how to run your practice or scared to show up fully in your copy.

I know it did for me. I didn’t see how this fear of judgment made me hide who I was. I kept my copy safe and generic, but I didn't attract many ideal clients

Sure, I still got some clients, but they weren't the best fit. 

Secretly, I wanted a caseload filled with my most favorite clients. Clients that inspired me, challenged me, and felt aligned with my personality and therapeutic approach. 

Do you wish for this, too, ?

Unfortunately, there's lots of noise out there that keeps you writing play-it-safe copy. 

It's closer than you realize: 

  • A mildly-supportive spouse with no business training, but plenty of opinions
  • A worried friend who thinks you should 'tone it down' in your copy so you don't offend anyone
  • A supervisor or mentor worried you might be self-disclosing too much
  • A family member who suggests you post more 'flattering' or 'feminine' photos on your website
  • Someone in a privileged group who thinks you shouldn’t be ‘so vocal’ or ‘opinionated’

Well, , you've met your haters. 

Wait, why call them ‘haters’ when some of these peeps actually LOVE us?

You don't have to use the term haters. To me, it helps highlight how truly detrimental these people are to my creative process (even though I love them.) 

Use your own term. Censors, Eeyores, Dream Squashers, The Anti-Authenticy Squad.

Let's not forget these haters: Unsubscribes, unfollows, crickets when you post, full-blown YouTube trolls, oppressive systems + ideologies, old-school colleagues on social media, people outside your target market, non-ideal clients AND your inner critic, judge, or censor (often the biggest bullies!)

Is it any wonder it’s SO scary to put yourself out there?

As you start to rise out of stuffy, cliche messaging and into fully expressive copy, two things will happen:

1) You'll get more ideal clients. Clients who are EXACTLY who you love working with. Suddenly, you feel invigorated and have more energy for your clients, family, and hobbies. You'll wonder why you were so afraid to bring more of your personality to the page.  

2) The haters will suddenly be all around you, sneaking into your psyche. You'll get the side eye from a colleague who thinks you're being 'unprofessional' with your f-bombs. Your partner will express concern you shared a personal (yet relevant) story. A peer might even accuse you of being 'unethical' for self-disclosing too much. 99% of the time, their opinion is a reflection of their own fears, NOT the quality of your copy.

Bottom line: you have to know who is and isn'twilling to support your journey into blazingly honest-to-you copy.

It’s kinda like picking your fellowship on the way to Mordor.

It is not an easy path and you only want the most dedicated people on your team.

[Description: Aragon from Lord of the Rings Trilogy pictured, with the text ‘I would have gone with you to the end.’]

Listen, as you start to write copy that's a reflection of who you TRULY are, it’s not a matter of if you get haters, but when.

As a sensitive soul, I will be the last person to tell you to just 'toughen up' and ignore 'em. You'll get there, but it takes time, practice, and support. 

Instead, follow these steps:

Step 1: Name your haters. Especially the well-meaning ones.

Make a list of everyone in your life who is not supportive of you showing up fully in your copy. They may be wonderfully supportive in some areas, but they will unknowingly muzzle your creative process. If you’re feeling stumped, go back to my list earlier for ideas. The next time you want feedback on a first draft, do not share it with these people.  

Step 2: Find your ride-or-die supporters.

Remember, these are the peeps you’d bring with you on the way to Mordor. These are folks who say "YES" or “more, please!” every time you write something raw and authentic. They push you to show up expressively and honestly in your copy. Keep these people close.

Step 3: Develop a plan to handle the haters.

Remember, it’s not if, but when. You're smart and now you know what the real issue is. (Hint: it's not you.)

There's a lot that can be explored here, but it usually boils down to having better boundaries with the haters, calling in love from your supporters, working with your inner critic, and building your creative resilience. (More about that in the next email!)

Why do these steps matter?

Until you can suss out the haters from true supporters, you’ll be in people-pleasing, ambiguously boring copy land with the corresponding unfulfilling (even soul-crushing) client roster. 

If you can shift your mindset that the goal isn’t to avoid haters, but to have a plan for them…you can feel more confident writing compelling, authentic, heartfelt copy. 

Writing copy that's 100% true to you is like sending out a 🔦 bat signal to your dream clients. They'll come no matter where they are!  

Are you ready for that, 

If you have a tiny voice that’s ready to write words full of unapologetic authenticity (and might ruffle some feathers 🐓), I'm HERE for it.

I want to support you in showing up with your 'effin megaphone 📣 when everyone else is covering their mouths. 🙊

If it feels scary – but also a little thrilling – you’re right on track.

Rooting for you,


TL;DR: Authentic copy = a caseload of ideal clients. Barries to authentic copy = the haters. It’s not a matter of if you get haters, but when. You need to name them + handle them. Find your ride-or-die supporters who will push you to write copy that’s powerful and unapologetically you. (I’m one of those people!)

Also...if you haven't yet downloaded my free guide, it's packed with copy tips to get you away from impersonal copy and speaking to your ideal client. Check it out!