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Diverse Characters - It's Reality

I answered the following interview questions from Belinda Crawford.

  • 1. Tell us about [your character], what inspired them?
  • 2. What made their story important to you? 
  • 3. What messages/examples are you hoping reader will take from [your book]?
  • 4. What advice would you give to non-diverse authors who are writing about marginalised/diverse characters?
  • 5. What would you like to see more of in fiction?
  • 6. What are some of your favourite books featuring diverse characters?

Watch the video by clicking here.

Reads to Sink Your Fangs Into

Celebrating Diversity! Paranormal and Fantasy Reads featuring Characters of Color

Adrienne Morales wants nothing more than to avoid spells and sorcery. Her powers as an enchantress make that impossible. Every few days she must release the magic gathering around her, or it’ll steal her sanity.

When a firebreathing psychopath controlled by enchantment tries to burn down her craft store, Adrienne unleashes her powers to stop him. Unfortunately, her battle has a witness - Adrienne’s business partner. Turns out he’s a Void - immune to magic - and sworn to a Union that executes rogue magic users.

Now Adrienne must capture a rogue enchanter before the Voids decide she's too dangerous to live. But Voids aren’t the worst thing chasing her.

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Every year, a woman is given to the forest to mate with the alpha. No woman has ever returned. This year, that woman is me. Get here.

Seer and demon slayer Jordan Amador has had it rough lately. Now, she’s locked in a deadly game with the archdemon Belial, who constantly visits her night after night in her dreams to convince her to give him her soul.   Get here.

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