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GECOM to begin house-to-house registration on July 20. 2019

Guyana Politics: PPP urges supporters to boycott house-to-house registration

Guyana Politics: Irfaan Ali refuses to give up PPP presidential candidacy after High Court ruling

Politics: Guyana at the precipice: two radically unprecedented realities today – by GHK Lall

Commentary: My Guyana – By: Cora Bollers-Watson

  • Guyana News

Stabroek Block’s 5.5B barrels reserve an understatement - Hess CEO

Guyana: Mountain community: Paramakatoi in Region 8 gets water

Guyanese Chef Kashif Browne …creating a stir at The White House

Dr. Hollina Alfred: Who said – “Nothing good can come from Albouystown?”

NYC: Judge Joseph among Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation honorees for 2019

Barbados wants to rear Blackbelly sheep in Guyana, Suriname

Guyanese in New York promoting “Servant of God” for Sainthood – by Francis Quamina Farrier

  • Regional News

Cricket: West Indies announce squad for first two T20I’s against India in Florida

CARICOM: Hassle free travel and work permits – updated

Caribbean: Murder rates spike in Trinidad and Jamaica for 2019

Commentary: The view from Europe: Britain’s uncertain future – By David Jessop

Caribbean: Tourism Matters: Airline travel and tourism development fee

TRIUMPH  OF  THE  “UNDERCLASS” –  By Hubert Williams 

  • International / Other

The Crisis Gripping The World’s Most Dangerous Waterway – By Paul Knott | The New European

Analysis: Trump’s ‘Go Home’ Invective Echoes Nazi Incitement Against Jews

Criticism does not necessarily equate to disloyalty – By Mohamed Hamaludin

America’s Homeless Working Poor - Video

Gender: What will they think of next? ….tinkering with he, her, and it – By Hubert Williams

Richard Branson on the 8 rules to have a successful career and enjoyable life

Fun housemates: Ontario Canada: Key to a happy retirement? – BBC News

Steve Jobs (1955-2011): His Final Essay: “The World’s Six Best Doctors”


GUYANA and CARIBBEAN RECIPES – New Listings now available




BOOK: Mohandas K. Gandhi: Thoughts, Words, Deeds: His Source of Inspiration: Bhagavad – Gita 

     By: by Ramnarine Sahadeo (Author)

This book is put together in appreciation of one of the greatest souls of the 20th century. If mankind is to change its current destructive direction Gandhi’s message must remain a source of hope and inspiration if we are to survive as a species.

Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi (Mahatma) thoughts, words and deeds empowered him with unimaginable influence that he used to make an indelible mark on world history. He was a spiritual leader with no political office but exercised more power than those in positions of authority because he was a visionary with an indomitable will and a potent force dedicated to social and political reform


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