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You know that feeling when you're doing all the right things, but you aren't seeing results? If your finances aren't going the way they should be, or are causing stress and anxiety for you day after day, let me help. Join my club today and get started on the path towards financial freedom! 


The Financial Freedom For Creatives Club is a step by step training program to help creative entrepreneurs overcome their fears and start making money with their creativity. In the FFCC I'll show you how to turn your passion into profit so that you can finally take care of yourself and experience abundance in all aspects of your life. 


Here's what FFCC members have to say about the program: 


Elise & Justin paid off their credit card debt ($20K), saved $14K in an emergency fund, and they say working with me practically saved their marriage...watch them talk about it HERE.


Dajuan had one of his best years yet in his business and acting career, including paying off nearly $30K in credit card debt! Learn about his experience in the FFCC HERE.


To learn more about the FFCC course details and secure your spot, head here


"The Financial Freedom for Creatives program is therapy for your mind, body, soul and bank account. After 15  years of pursuing various freelance work at stipend-based, low or no pay, I was burnt out, depressed and ready  to throw in the creative towel. I felt that my only option was to return to (gasp) corporate America and get a  “real” job. When I was referred to Katy, I was very hesitant to commit to a year-long program that – on paper - I quite honestly couldn’t afford. Desperate for change, I took a leap of faith and registered for the course. Through Katy’s insightful training and thought-provoking monthly assignments, I learned that my lack of  income was directly correlated to my negative mindset, emotional blocks and old behavior patterns. Katy is an  intuitive, gentle coach who transformed my mindset, personal growth and career path through empathy and  empowerment. This isn’t something that happened overnight. I had to dig deep and I had to do the work. It was a gradual transformation that has not only affected my bank account, but also has had a ripple effect on all  facets of my life. 

I started the course with a fractured shoulder, endured months of physical therapy and just 6 months later I  gained back all of my mobility and was back on my yoga mat. After struggling with years of performance anxiety, I have started singing again and have learned songs that I previously thought were too hard for me.  After 2 years of little to no income, my business has finally started to profit. I not only have enough to pay for  this course, but I am able to invest back in my business and help support my family. Best of all, I am attracting  clients who align with my core values, respect and value my talents and pay me what I’m worth. I’ve met some  wonderful creatives through this program, and in fact, have just accepted a job as a copywriter for a fellow  FFFC member – which will provide a consistent stream of income to avoid the feast or famine mode of  freelance work. Most importantly, I have shifted my mindset to one of gratitude and abundance and honor  myself with a self-care routine that includes meditation, yoga, walking, singing and having fun. In the past  week, I’ve had not one – but two – people say that I seem lighter and happier. Well, that’s because I am." 

-Melanie Gendraeau, Copywriter/Voice Actor/On-Camera Talent


It's September, and have you ever heard that September is the other January? Meaning...it's another great time to start a new program or habit!


I want to help you live the life you dream about and achieve financial freedom. Do not let anyone take away your power - join me in the club!

With Gratitude,


PS: Enroll in the Financial Freedom For Creatives Club before Friday and you'll also receive bonuses with your membership. There are 3 more spots available in Moniqua Plante's 50-Minute Private 1-on-1 health coaching session, and I'm giving 1 more person a chance to be in my four month small group coaching. I also just added the mini (but major) course "How to Negotiate Anything!" Limited bonuses are awarded on a first come, first served basis.


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