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Hello from a nearly perfect spring day here in Perth. (See the end of this email for a video of the tree at our new house I thought was dead - but overnight in true Spring form has blossomed and looks GORGEOUS and very much alive!) How's the weather where you are? Is it a T-shirt and shorts or jumper and jeans day? 

I'm daring to wear a short sleeved top today. But fair warning... I may break out some shorts tomorrow. Everyone in the area will need to put their sun glasses on or risk being blinded by the glare from my white legs.

Fingers crossed I'm close to beating the dreaded flu which continues to linger! Don't you HATE that.  I'm still  committed to my GET STUFF DONE mantra so I'm powering on regardless. 

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Thanks so much for reading. You support means the world to me.  Until next time much love, read strong and get stuff done!

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Newsletter Videos Are Here

You can now choose whether to read or watch my Elite Geek Newsletter . Maybe you'll do both!  Link to the Newsletter Video in HERE


.I did some more editing and writing on The Mage Trials - Kingdom of Secrets this week.. Not to  brag... but I may be near to the end of writing that book. #totallybragging. 

I am LOVING the story. Even the characters names couldn't be more perfect - Caelia, Quillian, Crown Prince Nex, Crown Prince Takumi to name a few. And did I mention before CP Takumi is an Imperial Fae Hunter and has a silver dragon called Kizo who glitters more brightly than diamond?  I think you are going to love their adventures at Bellum Magical Combat Academy. Woot!

How do I keep track of my writing schedule? - Super old school. I have a monthly and weekly handwritten planner and a spreadsheet which shows my writing deadlines and schedule out the next two years. My planner aren't neat but they are effective. Here's a look at how  a weekly planner looks.


And the verdict is in. All of Dad's scans show he is now CANCER FREE. I can't thank you enough for all your wonderful emails and messages of support. To everyone in the Elite Geek Tribe - great job! Your positive and healing thoughts and prayers certainly contributed to this.

It continues to be a very long road ahead with rehabilitation - but he's a very tough 80 year old man. I'll keep you posted.


Latest unboxing is up! It's Fae Crate. I had mixed feelings on this one... Check it out HERE . I'm working on improving the video quality for next week. But this one is up because we all have to #getstuffdone. Enjoy.


Let's celebrate all the STUFF THAT GOT DONE this week and also my Dad's Cancer free news. This giveaway is open internationally (if the Book Depository delivers to your door). 

The prizes I have are any Harry Potter house edition paperback  or a hardcover of the new release YA fantasy Serpent and Dove. (You ALWAYS have the option to swap these out for a $10 Amazon voucher)

To enter just click the image of the book you'd like to win. (Click them both and you're in the draw for both). 

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Six Queens was always about decluttering YOUR inbox, giving you all the insight into author life and giving you AMAZING YA fantasy and science fiction content.

I'm sure everyone here remembers Sarah K L Wilson who was previously in the Six Queens realm. 

The two of us have been chatting across continents in between school drop off and pickups, cooking meals and general bedtime kafuffle - as you do - and we have hatched a pretty cool idea.

You'll continue to get the wonderful weekly emails from the Six Queens Realm.

Each month one weekly email will be a personal email from me like this one, one will be a personal email from Sarah. and the other two will be overflowing with bookish goodness and information.  These will be a created by both Sarah and I. 

Still your weekly emails - but you'll be getting a much richer experience. EXCITING HEY? 


I know I promised it last week -  look out for the first in the bookish emails Sarah and I have been working on together covering  all things audio books, plus  some writing snippets. 


I'll leave you with a quote from Nemo that I often find myself singing throughout the day - " Just keep swimming" :) 

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