Week 6 - Year 2018

The Freeride Sail Collection is now available!

The RRD style shines through more than ever this year, with the use of bolder blocks of colour, customised colour schemes and a sprinkling of Razzle Dazzle, these are without doubt our best looking freeride sails to date.

Our freeride program is complete and covers all your needs. We have further improved the performance of all the models and added the most innovative Compact Freeride MK1 that revolutionises how we travel and store our gear without any compromise in terms of performance.

The X-TRA and X-TRA-X MK4  are the perfect sails to get you started and keep you going, from beginner to advanced. The new Evolution MK10 is optimised for early planing, but with great control and ease of use, ideal for both a standard fin ride or for foiling.  The FIRE MK6 is our no cam freerace machine which offers all the performance of a race sail, but without the hassles of cambers. 

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The Compact Freeride MK1 is a high performance fully functioning windsurf quiver and rig that fits in a back pack for easy storage, easy travelling and easy handling.

Each backpack can fit 3 sails (5.0, 6.0 and 7.0), an 80% carbon mast (5 pieces), an alloy boom (2 pieces) and an alloy extension. The sail gives plenty of low end to get you up and moving, whilst at the top end stays controllable and manoeuvrable. Dacron stretch is controlled through both Kevlar reinforced seams built into the batten pockets as well as diagonal load bearing seams across the main power zone. 

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Are you waiting to test the FIRE MK6? Check what does others say about the FIRE MK5.

WINDMAG (FRA) released earlier in March 2017 the test review of the 6.8 Fire MK5,  “Les choix des testeur” 

“During our GPS speed tests, the testers were fighting over the RRD to maximise their speeds. Among the favourites to go fast, the Fire has an excellent ratio of power and performance without being physically in hand. The power from the sail makes it possible to plane early, to accelerate and reach maximum speed with minimum effort.”

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