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August 2020 newsletter

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Presidential ponderings

Wednesday TTs are go

Oxfordshire Supply Runs - the end

August time trials

Open Ten Time Trial

Club rides 

New members

Race Squad news

Monday night Chain Gangs

Meet the Committee - a new addition

Leiden Plaque TT

Downhill Freewheel competition

Club kit - latest information

Social evenings

Forthcoming 2020 club events 

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Newsletter archive

Presidential ponderings

When cycling clubs in England were given the green light by British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials to resume limited activities with changes in place that satisfy the law and Covid risk assessments I was wondering just what level of support our club rides and races would receive.

In the last four weeks any lingering doubts I had have been well and truly blown out of the water and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to getting club life back to some kind of normality, whether you're an organiser or an attendee. The numbers of riders registering for our club rides, Chain Gangs and time trials has surpassed all expectations so thank you for the vote of confidence and support you've given the club.

The measures we've introduced are clearly working and having been given the odd tweak here and there based on feedback to make proceedings run even smoother give us comfort that the hard work in getting up and running again has been worth all the effort and the club is in a much stronger position than I envisaged at the back end of March.

In closing I'd like to thank Rich Collier who has held the dual role of both Club and Membership Secretary for some time and has decided to hand over the reins of the membership side of things so as he can concentrate on the club aspect. Andy Perry has stepped forward to do the Membership Secretary responsibilities and will be up for formal nomination at the next club meeting. So thanks Rich and best of luck to Andy.


Wednesday night TTs are go

What a start to our COVID delayed Wednesday night TT season. We've had three so far, all on different 10 mile courses - all with entries around the 50 mark - attracting lots of new visiting riders. The effort put in by Keri, Oli and Paul to restart the season, when other clubs have written off the year, has really paid off. The new procedures, like contact less payment (below) and pre-registration have been well accepted by everyone and help manage such large entry fields.

We've also had a couple of new Stars emerge in these opening TTs. Pictured below are Luke Norris, who was the surprise winner of the first TT, which he then followed with two second places and a couple of club records. At the same time young 15 year old Peggy Simpkins has been breaking U18 female records.

You can read all the race reports, see the full results and look at all the pictures on the website. In the meantime don't forget to be fully aware of the rules below and the pre-registration deadline.



The main changes are:

  • Pre-registration for each TT is mandatory
  • All riders will have to pay by contactless means (debit card, ApplePay, GooglePay)
  • The 2020 TT supplement will be carried over to 2021 for those who've paid it
  • No parking at Ludlow Drive
  • No group gatherings at the sign-on, start line or finish
  • No start line pusher, riders do a standing start
  • No spectators at the finish line
  • Finish times will only be posted online

The full set of changes is here, if you enter our time trials it's essential you read and understand them:

Time Trials under Covid-19

Oxfordshire Supply Runs - The End

A quiet milestone was achieved yesterday - it was the final day of the prescription delivery scheme launched at the beginning of the pandemic which resulted in over thirty club members volunteering to make deliveries over a four month period.

I don't think anyone taking part realised just how much demand for our services there would be, the final tally of what we achieved is:

Number of prescriptions delivered: 885 representing just over 3,500 items

Miles ridden: 3206

Elevation climbed: 112,975 feet

Longest ride: 40 miles

Heaviest prescription: 6kg

Busiest day: 44 separate deliveries

And not one puncture!

Our efforts didn't go unrecognised either with our club and the wider sport of cycling receiving lots of positive publicity and praise, being featured many times by local and national media. All of the volunteers will receive certificates of appreciation from Cherwell DC, if you've not yet got yours please contact Paul to arrange collection.

August Time Trials

The month of August would normally see the second of our popular two-up time trials where ideally you find a much quicker partner onto whose coat tails you can just about cling to for 20km of heavy breathing and gut-busting Strava segment gold glory.

Sadly Covid restrictions have put paid to the traditional format for this year although the rules would allow the entry of the steed above. Is anyone brave/daft enough?

In the absence of one of Billy Butlin's machines it's solo efforts each Wednesday evening and our usual Nomadic tour of Banburyshire comes to an end as we are on the same course the entire month - the K4/20 loop just north of Banbury. We start earlier too with an 1830 kick-off to reflect the shortening day times.

Open Ten Time Trial

We have demonstrated we can successfully run time trials on a large scale and in full compliance with CTTs new regulations due to COVID and are therefore going ahead with our annual Open 10 time trial competition. 

The 2020 event takes place on Sunday 6th September on the K4/10W course from Warmington to Gaydon and back on the B4100. 

As it's an Open event, entry can only be made via the CTT website and entries will close 14 days before the event. 

Enter the Open

Club rides - the new normal

Like the Wednesday night TTs, the new rules and procedures are working well. Clear advantages are already becoming apparent as for a start pre-registration gives the ride leaders a clear indication of the numbers likely to turn up and which ride people have chosen. This in turn enables them to pre-plan the smaller (6 max.) groups, at the same time trying to match riders of roughly the same ability. Most members already seem to be of the view that the smaller groups work better, particularly in terms of rider safety and maybe for getting less aggro from overtaking motorists.

A big thank you must go to John Tustian and Andy Perry  for arranging all of this, which have already seen a big increase in weekend riding numbers.

Please help them further by remembering all the new rules given below


The main changes are:

  • Pre-registration for each ride is mandatory
  • Only club members can ride, no guests
  • Rides will no longer meet at Broadribbs. We will meet at the People’s Park 
  • Group size limits will be in place, each group will consist of a ride leader and up to five members.
  • Multiple groups will leave at timed intervals
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout the ride and at the coffee stop
  • All riders must bring the necessary PPE as defined by the Government
  • Absolutely no spitting or nose clearing by anyone will be tolerated unless it’s into a tissue

It is essential anyone wanting to take part in a ride is fully aware of the changes before registering for a ride. The full set of changes can be found on the club's website here:

Club Ride Information

2020 Membership

We'd like to welcome all of our new members to Banbury Star who've joined during July:

Chris Bull, Frances Lammyman, Heidi Yates, Isobel Gillott, Louis Bushby, Simon Leech, Callum O'Neill, Skip Snelson, Ruben Snelson, Rafael Alanis and Sian Marsh

All rejoining members should have now received their 2020 membership cards. Please remember to complete your emergency contact details and any medical issues on the back of the card and also bring it along on club rides.

Subscriptions and any other payments to the club should now be paid direct to our Nat West account.

Sort code = 53-61-33

Account = 65953886

Having now moved entirely to online banking no more cheques or cash will be accepted for membership or payment for club events. 

Please note: The online Membership Form must be completed for all existing members when renewing membership. The joys of GDPR compliance!

Renew Membership

Race Squad news

At last the racing season, in a somewhat reduced form, is starting again. As you can read in the section below, our Monday night Chain Gangs have really taken off this year.

Let's now see how many members we can get entering the events below. Also don't forget to look at the race calendar (link below) for other forthcoming events

Leamington C&CC 10 mile TT 11th August 

RTTC National 10 Mile Championships 30th August:


Women and Juniors

 Keep an eye on Facebook for more announcements, particularly a return to racing at Abingdon, news of which is expected soon.

Race calendar

Monday night Chain Gangs

Thanks to the efforts of Tobi Ng the relaunched Monday evening chain gangs have got off to a great start, with numbers around the 20 mark. All abilities are catered for and looked after, which is why it's been such a success.

Just to recap, a chain gang is a group ride that can run at either a race pace or something more leisurely with the emphasis for both being on riding in a smooth manner, sharing turns on the front and improving skills. These skills can then be used in racing, or on club weekend rides. Please remember to read and be aware of the new rules


The main changes are:

  • Pre-registration for each ride is mandatory
  • Only club members can ride, no guests
  • Group size limits will be in place
  • Groups will be sorted on ability level
  • Groups will leave at timed intervals
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout
  • All riders must bring the necessary PPE as defined by the Government
  • Absolutely no spitting or nose clearing by anyone will be tolerated unless it’s into a tissue
Chain Gang Guide

Meet the committee - a new addition

Yes, we have a new club Membership Secretary and it's someone who needs little introduction to most members. As the originator of the Saturday Gentle Cafe Ride, Andy has already played a huge part in club life, by encouraging new members and first timers to come on our weekend rides. He tells us below how it all started.

Andy Perry, Secretary. I was never much of a cyclist in my youth once I got behind the wheel of my first car and probably wouldn’t be cycling now if wasn’t for a previous boss who got all his direct reports into a Sprint Triathlon.

Thankfully you could do it as a team so I picked cycling. Once the event was over, I continued casually cycling on my own with no great expectations, but I finally braved the last “come and try” event hosted by BSCC in an August having put the idea off all summer!

Just like everyone else I was nervous and not wanting to show myself up. Unfortunately, I fell off as I stopped at the meeting point; oh well, a great introduction!

Ever since, I have become more serious about my cycling and prefer the endurance side of things. Cycling from West to East UK in a day with a like minded group of fools being the highlight so far.

For a number of years now I have had the privilege of hosting the Saturday Gentle Café Ride with a great bunch of Ride Leaders with a “no drop ethos”

Leiden Plaque Time Trial

It's the turn of our club to host the 2020 edition of the Leiden Plaque, a time trial whose history stretches back to just after WWII where competitors from clubs from Oxfordshire compete in a handicap race trying to win the trophy that was presented by the Swift cycling club in Leyden, Holland to its twin city of Oxford to promote good international sporting relationships.

We were hoping that a Dutch team were coming over to take part but expecting individuals to have to quarantine for 14 days for a 1 hour race is asking a bit too much and they've said they will come next year.

At present the race is still on, scheduled for the August Bank Holiday Monday and we're working on the final arrangements for a host HQ. 

The course will be our 25 mile B4100 Warwick Road. Each club is limited to ten riders, Mark Boyles will be determining who is picked to represent the club.

Downhill freewheel competition

We wanted to announce the date for the 2020 downhill freewheel competition but have had to take the decision to cancel the event due to the laws on social distancing and group gatherings which would prevent us from running it safely.

Club kit - order update

An order was placed with Enduro a few weeks back for both men's and women's short sleeve jerseys, plus men's bid shorts - these are due at the end of the month. An order has also just been placed for long sleeved jerseys.

Full details of club kit are on the club website and remember 5 items of anyone garment are required before an order can be placed with Enduro.

Matt Sleath now holds a small stock of jerseys.

Contact Dave Speck
How to order club kit

Monthly social evenings

We are planning on holding the next club social night on Thursday 6th August and are working with the White Horse in Banbury on how it can be run. More details will be posted on the Facebook group.

Forthcoming 2020 club events

Social nights return at the White Horse - Thursday 6th August (TBC)

Club chain gang evenings - every Monday   

Wednesday night TTs - 5th,12th,19th & 26th August all on K4/20 

Downhill freewheel challenge - cancelled :(

Leiden Plaque Interclub TT - Monday 31st  August K4/25

Durran Cup Hill Climb - Saturday 5th September

10 mile Open TT - Sunday 6th September

Annual General Meeting Tuesday 20th October 

For more details and other events please look at the calendars on the club’s website or Facebook group.

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