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Hello my darling! 🔮

Tiny Spells #127

"Be loud about the things that are important to you."

Karen Walrond

I am sitting here with a coffee in my hand, breathing in the warm, dark smell of roasted beans and that slightly bitter note that tells you, this cup is gonna be the one that will get you up off your ass. Some people will tell you that you should cut coffee completely out of your diet and only drink water. Those people are missing something I think is pretty key. 

I want to drink coffee, and I want to enjoy it, and sometimes there is value finding joy in the small things that give us pleasure, and letting ourselves be who we are. Sometimes, life isn't about self improvement. It's about self enjoyment. 





Just take a walk. Take a small stroll. You don't have to go far. You don't have to go much of anywhere. But take a walk, bring your thoughts along, and see how the fresh air makes them feel. 


Every single day, I try to read a good article, a good essay and a good poem. It doesn't take awfully long, and it stretches my mind a little further. It's a small reading goal that I think will be almost life changing, if everyone did it. 


Take some time to really scrub that skin and let yourself bask in that fresh, raw glow of a good clean. That's it. That's the task. It's not unachievable. And it will be worth it!!!

For Your Spellbook Journal
Who loves you for your true self?


Write about someone who sees you. The real you. And holds love for that you. 

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