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Yoga is all about Connections
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Time to check in and hoping that you are all enjoying your yoga.

We are all really loving our classes and your attendance is appreciated. 

The Current term of class (Term 3) will conclude on Saturday 26th September, so please get to your classes and make up where you can.

Do you have any questions? How are you managing the new online booking system? 

The learning curve has been steep but personally I am finding it working quite well and meets our needs to keep track of the class numbers and allow you to move around like previously.... but in a controlled way.

Remember, if you know you are unable to attend your scheduled class then cancel your booking and select another day of the week to replace. This is important now to enable people to move around easier with our smaller classes.

I appreciate your help in this matter and as always do get in touch and let me help you if you are not quite sure how it all works.

email me

Call me:  

0426212622 and remember to leave a message if I do not pick up.

Term 4 classes begin Monday 13th October

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Whats New!

    Term 1 Catch up

     Monday 29 September - 3 October

    We have another week scheduled for catch up classes that were missed during the forced closure as a result of the Covid-19.  

    As you may remember we had 2 weeks of yoga before the start of Term 3.

    I am not taking any online bookings for this final week, just turn up. 

    Term 4 Yoga Classes

    Term 4 begins from Monday 12th October 

    Bookings will be available towards the end of September when I will open the online booking system.

    Please remember to book all your classes at the time of booking so you secure your place.   You now understand you can change your class if you need to and if you need help simply get in touch with me and I will be your Online virtual assistant! hahaahhah

    Visit the Class booking page
    It's all about Connecting

    Yoga means different things to different people.  As we explore the practices and attend classes,  at some point little flickering light bulbs are switched on as we become a little more in tune with what in fact we are 'doing' when we attend a class or practice at home.

    This light might take years and years to illuminate or perhaps quiet easily and quickly... We are all so different and at various life stages.

    There is not right or wrong.

    Yoga has a profound way of creating connections with ourselves and others. Not only are we creating Neural  pathways  Read Here  we are connecting with others in community! 

    So when I am teaching Yoga I  always ask you to feel, breath, observe, listen, experience and connect! The practice and repetition will make a breakthrough until eventually we become the light and we are continually "switched on".

    Read a little more  Here


    "Inner Deep listening and quiet still awareness and waiting"

    Last week one of our students reminded me of this Wonderful concept of Dadirri (da-did-ee).... thank you Jacqui.

    Dadirri is from the Ngan'gikurunggurr and Ngen'giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal peoples of the Daly River region (Northern Territory, Australia).

    A few years ago Lynne Tome and I attended a Yin Yoga Teacher Training course and the teacher introduced this concept of Dadirri to us as we 'listened' to our bodies with quiet awareness as we practiced the longer, deeper holds of the Yin Yoga Poses.

    It was a lovely introduction and reminded us that the quiet reflections, observations and the listening was important while we waited for our bodies to release. So very appropriate.

    I am going to theme a recorded Yoga Nidra very soon in our Private Face Book Practice Group and UTube around the Dadirri concept.

    I have found 2 appropriate links that you might like to read that explains further the Aboriginal peoples views and applications of Dadirri.

    Read   Here   

    Read   Here

    If you still have not joined our Private Group and you would like to please go Here    Private Face Book Page    and request to join us.

    Private Facebook Page

    Please reach out if you need any assistance scheduling your classes or changing your bookings.

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