Push for Indigenous place names in addresses

[Fairlie Hamilton, ABC]

I'd love to see Aussie businesses, universities, banks, MyGov, PayPal, Star Track, Uber etcetera asking people for the traditional place name as part of the address information when people are filling in the forms or going through the online checkout.

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Cricket Australia slam racists comments at Indigenous players on social media

[Melanie Dinjaski, WWOS]

We are deeply disappointed to see blatantly racist and uneducated comments in the aftermath of Cricket Connecting Country's premiere last night.

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Online launch for Visual Dreaming wellbeing app

[by Bruce Andrews]

A Charles Sturt University Innovation Hubs alumna will soon launch a new app that aims to tackle the lonely journey of mental health by creating a movement where people can connect and care for each other as one.

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New screening tools help improve the hearing health

[supplied by 33 Creative]

World leading hearing screening resources have been developed by the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), to identify hearing problems earlier in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

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