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AUGA reads No.2

Welcome to the second part of the AUGA reads newsletter. In October, we marked 4 significant international days: World Food Day, the International Day of Climate Action, World Animal Day, and World Vegetarian Day. These events got us thinking about one topic in particular - food waste. Did you know that 88 million tonnes of food go to waste every year just in the European Union. And that as much as 8% of greenhouse gas emissions come from unused food?

This is clearly an issue that is going to become more and more relevant globally. It's also highly relevant and important to the AUGA community. For this reason, we are devoting most of this month’s newsletter to topics related to food consumption and waste.

More generally, we are delighted that our newsletter community has grown after just one issue, and that it is being followed by curious people who are interested in sustainability and able to make meaningful decisions for a better tomorrow.

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And once you've registered, take a look at our second edition of AUGA reads below. Enjoy.

Top five global trends that will shape the food industry in 2021

Euromonitor International has conducted surveys on how COVID-19 has changed the traditional business "for-profit" approach to strong sense of purpose. One of the insights which were mentioned in the report is that companies still give a priority to climate change theme in their daily activity and 68.4% of companies expect to keep pre-COVID-19 environmental sustainability commitments in the future. Download the full report here.

How consumers perceive ‘clean’?

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has affected our consumption habits. According to market research conducted in Germany and France in 2020, the consumption of organic products grew faster than conventional consumption. One of the main factors that impacted a positive effect on the organic product market is an increased concern about health and nutrition. As a result that is mentioned in the article, the global sales of clean label food products are expected to reach $180 billion in 2020, according to Euromonitor International. Read more.

Webinar: how is coronavirus changing plant-based diets?

Watch here

Article: food waste spotlighted for World Food Day: ‘It has never been a greater time to invest in a robust wastage strategy’

Read more

Report: the German consumer: rapid evolution amidst the crisis

Download here

Article: 3 tips to get started with sustainable investing

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AUGA launches organic ready-to-eat oatmeal

We are excited to be bringing out a brand new product range - organic ready-to-eat oatmeal with real fruit and berry pieces! Available in 5 different flavours, these oatmeals are 100% vegan and contain no added sugar, no milk products, and no flavourings, thickeners, sweeteners, or colourings. A Consumer Goods Committee made up of independent experts selected AUGA's oatmeal range to be part of the SIAL Innovation Selection 2020! SIAL is the world's leading international food exhibition network.  Read more.

AUGA actively continuing expansion in North America

AUGA products will be stocked in two more retail chains in North America as the group continues its expansion in the world's largest organic food market. AUGA products are now available in Stop & Shop in the U.S. and Metro in Canada, and AUGA also extended its cooperation with retail giant Costco. Read more.

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