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Hi there!

Since announcing the Sugaridoo Bernina quilt along everything in my business exploded a bit. So many quilters signed up! Some of you have been following me around since the beginning and some of you have recently discovered Sugaridoo because of the QAL. 

I thought it might be nice to introduce myself a little bit just in case you're new here. So that's what this email is all about :)

Big hug,

20 fun facts

Of course I could write something to introduce myself. "Hi I'm Irene, I'm from The Netherlands, I live close to The Hague with my husband, the cutest little mister, two Maine Coons and two bunnies..." But I think watching a video is way more entertaining. So here are two video to get to know me a little bit better.

In this first one I'm sharing 20 fun facts about myself while unboxing my Bernina. (The fun facts start around 2:33)

How it all started

And in this next video I'm sharing the story behind Sugaridoo, how it all started and how the Sugaridoo Sampler, my first book, made me quit my job as a mechanical engineer.

Wanna know more?

Feel free to send a reply to this email if you want to know more about me, about running your own business, about combining work and family or anything else you're curious about :) 

Already a lot of questions came in after my last Q&A (this one) so I would love to do a more personal Q&A soon.

Nice to meet you!

And if you're new and haven't done it already, go ahead and introduce yourself in our Facebook group, we would love to get to know you a bit better!

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