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You may have seen my posts about Hearts & Bite Marks: A Valentine's Anthology. In case you haven't had a chance to look, this set is available now on KU and features a brand new Macconwood Pack Tale!  What could be better than a sexy Werewolf and a curvy Witch finding out they are fated mates on Valentine's Day? Especially when it involves a love spell that misbehaves ;-)

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On a side note, did you know I design most of my own covers and have been working with several amazing authors on theirs as well? Look for new cover designs by me on upcoming books from P. Mattern, Julia Mills, R.D. Trimble, T.M. Payne, and Amanda Kimberley! Be sure and check them out on Amazon. ;-) 

Now, I've also gone ahead and gathered some incredible books for you to check out below.  Please take a look and remember to leave reviews. READ MORE ABOUT REVIEWING BELOW!

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I get a lot of comments from readers who are not sure how to write a review. They panic and balk at the idea of having to summarize an author's work and so they just don't leave one. I wanted to write this to help those of you who feel this way and maybe take away some of the scariness about leaving reviews. 

First, let me say, it is scary for authors too. Writers are typically introverts by nature and our written work is the equivalent of bearing our souls to you, our beloved audience. It is emotional, frightening, and sometimes downright painful to click that little publish button, and yet we find the strength to do so, no matter how sick it sometimes makes us. Sometimes it shocks the shit out of me that I've come this far, but one thing is certain, I couldn't without all of your support and encouragement. And yes it sometimes comes in the form of a review from you lovelies.

But back to the task at hand. We are talking about reviews. Now from a writer's standpoint, as if it isn't excruciating enough to bear our souls and publish it for all to see, we then need to ask readers to tell us what they think about it. In fact, platforms that offer promotional services will not even consider taking our money for ads unless we have a minimum number of reviews. So we have no choice really. We like need them, need them.  

This is perhaps the worst part about being a writer. Even worse than self-promotion, which is embarrassing and time consuming to say the least.

So we have now established that all writers need reviews to get more readers. That is our end goal. To have as many readers as we can. We want them, crave them, and desire to entertain them. That is what books are supposed to do. They are a form of entertainment and sometimes they even teach a lesson or moral here and there. 

Mostly, I write books to make my readers smile and to help them escape into a fantasy world with romance and HEAs all around. Hopefully I do my job with each new release. 

The way I am able to tell that is by the reviews you fabulous readers leave . Now don't panic if you have never left a review, you are still awesome and I love you! 

Want to learn more about how to leave a review? Have questions about it? You can email me anytime. But first, let me give you some info I have come across in my travels:

These are summarized snippets that I have seen/heard in various discussions and posts with ideas that many have found helpful. I am going to try and type them in here for you to look through. Some are truths, others opinions. You may agree or disagree as you see fit. This is not my written guide, but rather things I and other readers have found helpful: 

Reviews are your personal opinion. There is no wrong way to express how you like or don't like something. Stars are not meant to be given in comparison to other writers' books (it is not a contest). Ratings and reviews are supposed to reflect your enjoyment or not of that particular book. 

Reviews don't have to be a summary or book report. They can just be a sentence or two. They let others know if and how you enjoyed that book and whether they should give it a try. Unsure of what to write, contact the author. Your review is your personal opinion, and if you do not like the book for whatever reason it is completely your right to state that. 

For ARC readers, my feelings and those of other authors I have chatted and worked with are a little different. Personally, I would recommend contacting an author if you plan to leave 3 stars or less. You may ask why since 3 stars seems like a fair and good rating, but e-book retailers don;t always agree. Some folks might think 3 stars is good, but honestly if you liked it and want other people to read it, maybe rethink how 3 stars really looks?  I mean, personally I don't buy a product that has 3 stars or less, I buy the one that has 4 or higher and I don;t mean just books. So if you enjoyed a book and want to recommend it, but don't feel comfortable with giving higher than 3 stars because of grammar issues or inconsistencies, I would suggest you contact the author and give him/her a chance to fix those issues then hold onto your review to see if the changes get made.  

Authors need reviews to be seen to increase readership. A larger audience means more stories from the writers you love to read. So save an author today and write a review that lets others know if you enjoyed the story and if they should read it too. 


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The Devil's Door by Michelle Scott

All her life, Claire has searched for the supernatural world she knows exists behind the mundane one, but she’s never been able to find it.

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Savage& Silver by Margo Bond Collins

When monster-hunter Blaize silver tangles with a pack of werewolves in Tombstone, Arizona, she ends up with more trouble than she anticipated.

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Broken Triangle by Elle W Silver

Will the strength of their love for one another be enough?

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A Fated Exception (Enhanced Book 1) by Kat Stiles

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Ghost Academy: Book One by E.C. Farrell

When I wake up at Locklear Academy, I have no memory of how I got here… or any memories at all. Oh, yeah, and did I mention that I’m dead?

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Cat's Howl by C.D. Gorri

Cat Maccon, was always a handful, even as a pup.
Will spunky Werewolf, Cat Maccon, find true love with her brother's Wolf Guard, Tate Nighthawk, or is it too late for them?

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