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:'Making Life Brighter': The-TRUTH-Behind-5G-Network with the Russell-Jay: Gould.


Making Life Brighter 

Winifred goes deep with Postmaster General and Commander and Chief, Russell-Jay:Gould regarding the Truth Behind the 5G Network. Tune in Live at 10am PST/1pm EST to find out exactly who owns the copyright to the network and find out the potential effects of the network on your wellbeing. Learn why Russell-Jay:Gould says he will 'never authorize' the use of 5G on the citizens of the world. Don't miss this astounding reveal that could affect all humans and their health.

Winifred Adams
Radio Show Host | Medical Intuitive | Master Healer | Professional Wellness Speaker | Author | Singer / Songwriter | CPT
"Taking Mindfulness® to the Next Level"
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