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August 2020 Newsletter

          We're heading into the last month of summer, which doesn't seem possible to me.  This year has been turned on its head in so many ways, and my concept of time has become a little convoluted.  Many are getting ready to start their children in what looks to be a very different school year.  My wife and I have our own kindergartner this year (What a year to begin our school experience!), and we're faced with the same struggles as many of you.  At the end of the day, what is important to me is that I instill in my children a love of learning - no matter how that is happening.  Every day, without exception, I learn something new, and I am constantly looking for ways to learn more.  I think it is important for me on a professional level, but, even more so, personally.  I think it makes us better citizens, better neighbors, better people.  Because of its challenges, I think this year offers so much potential for growth and learning.  Don't waste the opportunity!  As my favorite author, David McCullough, wrote: "We learn much by tribulation, and by adversity our hearts are made better."  See you soon!

Dr. Jose A. Gil

Easy Impressions

We're continuing to try to stay on the cutting edge of technology here at HDD.  Meet our new digital intraoral scanner.  This machine will replace those gooey impression materials.  It captures a more exact representation of your teeth and the shade of your teeth without the discomfort of bulky impression trays and materials in your mouth.  The scans can be quickly transmitted to our dental labs allowing for a faster turn around times.  The resulting restorations will be more exact and can be easily duplicated from the electronic file if it is ever necessary.  We are so happy to have this equipment in our office, and we know you'll like it too!

Top 40 Under 40

Dr. Julee Gil was named among this year's prestigious Top 40 Dentist's Under 40 in Incisal Edge Magazine by Benco Dental.  The list is based on nationwide nominations, and the finalists are chosen by a panel of general dentists and specialists.  The honorees are highlighted as the brightest rising stars in the dental profession and are celebrated for their achievements inside and outside of the operatory.  Academically, Dr. Julee excelled at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating first in her dental school class with a 4.0 GPA.  She is now a board-certified endodontist who has practiced for slightly over a decade.  We are fortunate that she performs root canal treatment and root end surgeries for our patients in the HDD office.  Please join us in applauding her on this wonderful recognition. 

More space!

We have fully outfitted our fifth and final operatory at HDD.  The added space will allow Drs. Gil and Kuperavage to accommodate more patients at their desired times and Dr. Julee to provide endodontic care for our patients with additional availability.  The operatory has been designed to match our others, so expect the same amenities that you are used to - optional massaging backrest, ceiling and wall TV, etc.  The office feels complete! 

We've cut the cord.

The cable cord, that is.  We are happy to announce that we are now streaming Netflix in all of our operatories and reception area.  Do you have a favorite show that you're watching at home?  An old one that you like to rewatch?  Let us know, and we'll be happy to put it on at your next appointment.  If it's Parks and Rec, don't be surprised if Dr. Gil whistles along with the theme song 🤣.

Hamilton Dental Designs : Dr. Jose Gil
9:59 AM - Jul 22, 2020
Our son, Evan, is spending a few hours in the office this week after his Intro to Kindergarten camp. When my wife came in for a cleaning and to pick him up, he insisted on helping out. It looks like I have a successor everyone! (He's working on his facial hair 🤣)
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