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Time to Give Thanks!

 Greetings readers! It's time to give thanks. 

I'm thankful for a wonderful husband and loving children, as well as good health, a happy home, and great friends. Also, I'm thankful for all my readers like you who've read my stories and hopefully enjoyed them.

Thanks to all of you for being loyal subscribers!

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For those of us in the US, we're celebrating thanksgiving a little early this year. In fact, it's only two weeks away!


Are you ready for the madness? I'm not, but hey, we can't stop time can we? If we could, I'm sure we'd want to just so we could avoid the hassles of the holiday for a little while longer. 


Hope all is well on your end and you're ready of the slew of things you must do before Christmas. 

On the writing front, I'm busy doing NaNoWrimo. If you're not aware of what that is, it's an event where writers everywhere commit to writing a 50K story in a month. Originally, I thought I'd do 2 and make them total about 50K or more, but that most likely will not happen. The story I started is at 15K currently and the characters are just meeting. 


 Ah well, so much for rebelling. I'm working towards getting this done so it can go to the publisher by next month! Wish me luck! 

This month's featured author is from my good friend, Morticia Knight. Morticia is famous for her BDSM stories that are diverse and sexually titillating. Find out more about her stories at her website

A Master for Michael: A Hampton Road Novella



A Hampton Road novella

Finding a Master for Michael won’t be easy, but Javier is determined that his boy will have the best—even if it means letting him go.

The Hampton Road Club is a secret gathering-place for men of a more sadomasochistic nature. The 1920s might be roaring, but certain practices are still frowned upon in open society. Michael’s job is to greet the club members as they arrive and to report directly to the club manager, Javier. Sometimes, his direct contact with Javier has nothing to do with the club members and everything to do with submitting to the strict Master.

Javier would give anything to keep Michael as his permanent boy, but he owes his boss, Saul, a great personal debt for helping him when he was at his lowest. Saul taught him that professionalism is the key to keeping things running smoothly at the club. He knows Saul would be greatly disappointed if he were to ever find out about what goes on between him and the club greeter behind closed doors. That’s why he’s never revealed to Michael how he really feels and why he must do the one thing for which he’d never thought he’d have the courage—give Michael away to a new Master.


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Contest for November!

Okay, let's do a giveaway!

Last months winner was Susan who received a signed copy of my book, Love at the Right Tempo by Michael Mandrake and Remmy Duchene. Congrats to her!

I will gift another signed copy to a reader in the US who tells me what they are thankful for? The best answer who responds to my email at, will receive a signed copy of a book of their choice. 

The winner will be chosen in about a week!

That's it for this edition. Check out the latest books by BLMorticia, Under the Gun Boxset and Michael's Anasa's Awakening.

And remember to leave reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads if you can. Regardless of your opinions on the books, all feedback is much appreciated!

Michael Mandrake on Goodreads

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See you soon!

Anasa's Awakening

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Under the Gun is a short novella series featuring private investigators Camdyn Hardy and Malik Day. It is an interracial MM with laughs and hot romance. 

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