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Things We Do That No one Knows About

Hey ,

Happy Diwali my peeps!

Thank you so, so much for all your love and support during this DIwali! 

Honestly speaking, when I was writing that email, asking you to give Dohful a chance, I was hopeful that some of you would respond positively, but OMG, the way you guys came out and supported us was beyond expectations. 

Thank you so much for that! 

I'm sorry that this Sunday Letter is actually coming to you on a Monday this time. But after that 2 week Diwali marathon, I couldn't bring myself to sit down in front of my laptop for even 2 minutes! 

I hope you guys had a great Diwali and wish you very prosperous year ahead. 

Okay, with that out of the way, let's get started with today's Sunday Letter. 

Ever since Dohful started, we have received tons of requests from you guys to make your gifts extra special for your loved ones. Most of the requests are simple and doable like adding a custom message or swapping out one cookie for another. And we have always abode by them.

But every now and then, we come across a unique request that's both super sweet and super tricky for us to fulfill. But we do them's a secret, don't tell anyone!

I remember the very first of such one-of-a-kind requests was to make a batch of Raspberry Lemonade Cookies. The cookies were a gift for someone's girlfriend on her birthday and if you're wondering why those specific cookies, it's because they had had those in a Subway while travelling to US and she had loved them.

Honestly, I was so floored hearing that guy talk about surprising his girlfriend with a gift she could have never imagined, that I wanted to do it just for that!

The only issue was I had never had a Raspberry Lemonade cookie in my life before and didn't know what I should be expecting. Nevertheless, we had a 2 week time window to experiment and finally what we sent them was loved by both of them profusely!

Another similar request we got recently was by someone who wanted to surprise his wife on their first anniversary with a giant cookie. His wife loves the Choco Chunk Cookies and he wanted us to make the same in a giant size, something they could cut and share together to celebrate their special day.

I was not very sure about this, because the giant cookie wouldn't fit inside the wrapper so it would be difficult to pack it and all, but he finally convinced me to take a chance and do it. The giant cookies were absolutely gorgeous. A good 15 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick, they looked amazing.

The cookies were loved by his wife, as expected by him and we all went home a little bit more happy that day!

We had also been getting a lot of requests for custom design messages, which we couldn't do before, but just before Diwali, we thought why not are we doing this? Because it's something a lot of people want - whether it's for a special occasion or for a corporate gift, sometimes a custom design is as important as the message itself.

Like, just a few months back, we were working with a young company to send gifts to their 250+ team members, they asked us if we could add a custom-designed note (having the company logo) with the boxes. Since we didn't have a facility to print on a photo like paper back then, we had to go out and get those printed.

And it happened again when someone wanted to send cookie boxes to all their family members on their daughter's first birthday.

So we went ahead and solved that. Now you can send us any message in any design and size (as long as it fits in our box) and we'll add it to your box. And yes, we can now add photos to your gift boxes as well, as requested by many of you.

But the biggest request we have fulfilled till date is customization of the wrapper stickers. It was for a very special moment in someone's life - they were announcing and introducing their baby to the world and they wanted Dohful Cookies to be put in the hampers they had made. 

The mother took it upon herself to design the wrapper stickers and delivered the stickers to us for this task. It was a sizable undertaking, gifts were sent to 100+ people in phases and we absolutely loved every moment of working with her. 

The best part was that so many people called us after that to say that they had received the cookies as a gift from her and that they loved them!

There were smiles everywhere!! 

We had a newer, more amazing experience every time we went out of what we usually do, sometimes just to please someone and other times because it is the need of the occasion. But nevertheless, we had fun doing all of this and more! 

We look forward to much of these special moments, in fact, we live for them! 

Thank you so much for reading this!

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