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Helo champs,

I hope you are managing okay during these strange times. I've been doing a lot of reading and writing and snacking on things. Plus the usual yoga and walking and trying to sleep through the night. How is it that when you are most in need of sleep that insomnia kicks in?! Bloody cheeky.

I've watched all of Season 2 of The Split (see previous Friday Night Lights edition) and am still ambling through a rewatch of The Secret Life of Us. And I'm listening to a lot of old-skool music because it's bolstering and very, very chipper.

Anyway, enough of ME. Let's get on with Friday Night Lights and check out some excellent stuff to enjoy over the weekend.

x Pip 

PS: If you have any ideas for future editions of Friday Night Lights, send them my way! I hope you are enjoying it, so far!

The Victorian Kitchen Garden, The Duchess, Des & The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty 

1/ The Victorian Kitchen Garden: I found out about this program via this article in The New Yorker and it's every bit as delightful as Helen Rosner suggests. Link to the series is in Helen's story.

2/ The Duchess (below) has just popped up on Netflix and I'm trying to take my time with the eps. It's very sweary and I'm finding it lots of fun. If you are sensitive to adult content and swears, go carefully. Trailer here.

3/ Des (above):  Sometimes I'm in the mood for something dark and David Tennant as serial killer Dennis Nilsen sounds like it will hit the right shady spot. In Australia, you can watch all three eps on Stan right now. Trailer here.

4/ The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty: I'm really interested to see this but it's been canned a bit in the UK. It's coming to the ABC. 

Literary critic defends a controversial book organisation method

The bit of the story I loved the most, apart from the photos, was the bit where Molly says she reads for three hours a day. What a dream!

You can read the full story here.

Camel bookmobiles are a thing!

We should have these in Australia too, shouldn't we? This article from the BBC has more info and explores a bunch of other unusual libraries. Read on here.

Smith & Daughters legend Shannon Martinez is writing a cookbook for chemo patients

And crafting a comic book to aid cancer research too. Read more here.

Taylor Swift embroidered a rather wobbly baby blanket for Katy Perry's newborn

This is pretty adorable and I love the heartfelt and wonky result. Read more here.

Excited to get my mitts on ...

H is for Hawk author Helen MacDonald's got a new book out ... and I can't wait to read it. H is for Hawk helped me through some hard times and I have a soft spot for Helen's beautiful writing. Vesper Flights is top of my wishlist at the moment.

Find out more +

Steve Wide presents ...

My industrious and clever friend Steve Wide has just released TWO new lockdown babies - A Field Guide to Post-Punk & New Wave and A Field Guide to Punk. The perfect spoil-yourself gift ... or prezzie for a pal, methinks!

Find out more +

Nothing like a bit of golden crunch, right? Especially when it's packed with cheesy peas! 

Pea and Ricotta Frittelle recipe.

No chop jammy tomato sauce? Yes, please!

There's no problem that a nice bowl of spaghetti won't improve! Grab the recipe here.

Fancy-face bread and butter pudding cake

With dark chocolate and rhubarb and custard and such. Recipe.

A dahlia a day ...

What a dream, to own a flower farm packed with hundreds of dahlia varieties. The photos on this story are super pretty. More here.

My friend got an AGA!

What a gorgeous and giant thing it is. I am going to go and visit it (and Michelle) one day ... when we are allowed! Read more about Michelle's gorgeous renovation here.

Maybe you'd like to crochet a log-cabin blanket? It's such an easy project. I recommend it even though I haven't even finished mine! More here.

Perhaps you'd like to do this for your cat? Martha Stewart thinks it's a good idea. More here.

This gorgeous print

This Etsy shop - French Vintage Prints - has a bunch of gorgeous prints in store. More here.

This cute tote

I love this! It's cheerful and practical and going straight into my imaginary wardrobe! More here.

A cute playlist for you

Listen now

I love watching homey and foodie videos from Japan and Korea. This one is part of a super cute series. 

Some reminders that it's okay to feel wonky (and ideas on what to do about it, if it's worrying you.)

Joanna Goddard

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you?

Melissa Kirsch

Why keeping track of the tiny details matters.

Roseanne Carrara

Perhaps we all need a WyrdShed?

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

How to think better.

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