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In July 2017, I wrote a book that nearly killed me. It was called The Great Hall and it was one of the most grueling affairs of my life.

In the middle of the final writing session, I would say about 20 hours into my session, I was writing a wedding. And in my delirium, I had a character look at another and say these words. “Did your father ever teach you the song of Breastion and his Goats?” I don’t even really remember typing that question. When my wife read it back to me, I found out this song was 65 verses long.

All was fine until she got a bee in her bonnet about me one day writing this song. She whispered in her most sinister voice, hovering over me while I slept, boring her way into my brain suggesting that I write this song.

We talked of it often and I told her every time that I would leave it up to fan fiction to write the epic ballad. I thought we had agreed to do just that, but months later, when I was given a list we had made of shorts I might write, I found this suggestion once again snuck out in front of me.

Seeing it written down, my wife’s desired effect was reached. I found myself at my keyboard before a session of my writer’s group thinking, No one is looking. If I tried and failed to write a chorus for it, I could highlight and delete and deny I had ever attempted it.

I am no poet, so I expected ultimate failure, but within two minutes I had my chorus. Now, every day I find myself writing a new verse to this poem. It will be done at the end of March and I will have added Epic Ballad to my resume.

When it is done, I will print out four exclusive copies. One will go to Mrs. Learmann, my English Lit teacher from high school. One will go to Charlotte Hegg, the teacher who discovered me my freshman year of high school. One I will keep, and the last will be given as a gift to one of the subscribers of this newsletter. The winner will be announced next month.

“Why would I want to own an epic ballad about a bunch of goats?” you might ask. To be honest, I am not sure. That doesn’t change the fact that it might happen for you.

Good luck.

It's coming folks

And we all need to prepare for it. If you are interested in reading an advanced copy, send me an email at and I will send you a free digital copy of the book before its release.

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