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The Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) has clarified that it will be the one to undertake the construction of the second runway of the second busiest airport in the Philippines, an initiative that is distinct and independent from the second MCIAA runway bill pending in Congress. 

Steve Dicdican, general manager of MCIAA, said that Phil. JAC Inc. has been awarded as the project consultant of the second runway and is tasked with its design and project management. The timeline for the design of the runway is six months and is expected to finish before the end of 2019

The Cebu Ocean Park is going to be the FIRST marine park in Visayas and Mindanao, and is said to have its soft opening by the last quarter of 2019.

Touted as the LARGEST Oceanarium in the Philippines with function spaces and a food hall, the Cebu Ocean Park will be done by SM Supermalls, in partnership with Cebu Sealife Park Inc., the same group that brought the Manila Ocean Park to the Philippines 10 years ago. And like the Manila Ocean Park, the Cebu Ocean Park is geared for an all-year round tourist destination. It is relatively larger than the Manila Ocean Park and has various attractions such as deep tank lagoon with a 360-degree view, jungle trek, exhibits and multi-animal shows! It will also have state-of-the-art function rooms for special occasions.

The Cebu Ocean Park is still under construction but its progress report keeps the locals and tourists excited! Are you excited for it as well?

As SMEAG continually grows, so does our network of coverage. And with an extensive range of network coverage comes the need to expand our team. In line with this progress, SMEAG has created a new email domain for some existing set of emails as well as new ones too. 

Every day, we are gearing towards building a strong community among agents and business partners, thus we make it a point to inform our friends and associates the changes and updates that our school is venturing into.

The picture provided is a list of international managers and officers with their email addresses ready to provide services to our clients. They are the people responsible for answering any of your inquiries regarding academic and administrative concerns. They are the ones to inform you as well with the latest news straight from SMEAG.

PTE Academic Test Center - Cebu is very proud of its progress. We started with 25 test takers in 2018, and averaged with approximately 70, with 100 as the highest number reached in that very same year. In 2018, we had a total of 877 test takers. 

In 2019, with the increasing popularity of PTE Academic and with more efforts to reach more people,  our PTE Academic Test Center - Cebu has become even more known to our local test takers. From 100 as the highest, we reached 140. From January to May 2019, we have an average of 87 test takers. With the data above, PTE Academic is indeed promising.

In the very first week of July, Capital Campus’ Speaking Master has finally made its kickoff. After its thorough and meticulous craft, the Speaking Master course has already opened its doors for the students who aspire towards developing their spoken English proficiency.

Why Speaking Master?

With its specialization in speaking, the program for the Speaking Master is designed to create an atmosphere that gives the students the opportunity to have an extensive speaking practice as all classes put emphasis on the skill. Moreover, acing the TOEIC speaking exam would not be difficult as the curriculum is TOEIC-Speaking based and would allow the students to be familiar with the test. In terms of public speaking, a great opportunity awaits for those studying at least 8 weeks and wanting to gain and boost their confidence as the Toastmasters can be a way to becoming a good public speaker. 

Last June 27, 2019, Cebu was devastated to find out that a place from the neighboring city, Mandaue, was engulfed in flames at approximately 1 in the morning. At least 3 sites were declared under the state of calamity. The fire left 1,200 families displaced and are in need of immediate help. 

For this reason, SMEAG has been encouraging its students to donate items that were prescribed by the local authorities to be given to the families affected by the fire. Should they wish to donate in cash, the monetary support will be used to purchase the goods needed most by the victims.

We have also been in close partnership with other language schools that are part of DAEAA which SMEAG is also a member of. We are constantly communicating to come up with ways of generating funds and donations. In moments like this, we stand in solidarity in uplifting those who have fallen to help them stand and start all over again.

The number of Russian enrollees in SMEAG continually increases this year! With the determination to learn English, our 88 Russian students have outstandingly improved in their academic performance based on the teachers' evaluation. Their hard work and enthusiasm to further develop their knowledge are never left unnoticed by the school. With this, our Russian students delightfully joined SMEAG's weekend activities! 

They ventured into the relaxing waters in Olango and marveled at the beautiful sight of Oslob. They snorkeled, played games, rode the banana boat and ate delicious cuisines in the Philippines! SMEAG's door is always open to various nationalities!

Philippines is one of the top tourist destinations in the world -- offering the perfect tropical getaway to all foreign and even local travelers out there! To give our students a taste of what the country has to showcase, SMEAG arranged a day tour for them in one of the globally renowned islands, Bohol. 

The tour started early in the morning to make sure the schedules were to be carried out successfully. Of course, what's a tour in Bohol without a visit to the famous Chocolate Hills, right? The group made sure to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The students then went to see what has been dubbed as "one of the world's smallest primates," the tarsier. Students were busy gushing over how tiny -- and not to mention how cute! -- they were steadily hanging around tree trunks. They continued their day by having their lunch on a boat while seeing other wonderful acts prepared by the locals. Their day ended with a wild ride at Loboc Eco Adventure Park's zipline.

Fostering its mission to break language barriers, SMEAG Global School highlights its Global English Summer Camp with students of various nationalities and cultures. SMEAG’s Tarlac Campus caters a camp not only for Southeast Asian students but also for East, Middle East Asian English learners and non-Asian students who want to improve their English Skills. 

The Global Junior Summer Camp is designed not only to advance students’ English skills and competencies but also to help students embrace cultural diversity at an early age.


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