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Issue #24

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Healthy Pregnancy


Where and with whom you give birth can have a major influence on your care options, the care you receive, both your and your baby’s health, and your satisfaction with your childbearing experience. That’s why it is important, early in pregnancy, to seek out a maternity care provider and birth setting that meet your goals and align with your preferences.

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Evidence On: IV Fluids During Labour


Are IV Fluids Necessary During Labour? In a recent survey, the majority of mothers in the United States (62%) reported getting continuous “drip” intravenous (IV) fluids during labour. Labour is considered by many to be a demanding exercise, but many people in the United States (and other countries) are not allowed to eat or drink during labour.

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Therapeutic Breast Massage


Breast massage can be beneficial for mothers experiencing breast engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis and even chronic breast pain. We encourage mothers to use the general principles at home, alternating hand expression and gentle breast massage to help decrease swelling and improve breast drainage

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Breastfeeding should not be painful

When my first daughter was born, breastfeeding was extremely difficult for both her and my wife. We saw numerous lactation consultants. Our paediatrician had no suggestions. Despite the pain, constant nursing, and poor sleep cycles from constant hunger, both of them persevered and breastfed for years

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Diagnosing tongue-tie in a baby is not a fad

When a new mom and baby come to see me in the office, I always ask them if they were referred by someone or if they did their own research and came on their own. Specifically, I ask them about the attitudes of their paediatrician, midwife or family practitioner with respect to breastfeeding.

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Skin to Skin

Early Skin-to-Skin Contact Between Mothers and Newborns


Separation of mothers and babies after birth is common practice in many facilities, particularly in relation to caesarean, episiotomy or laceration repair, or newborn examination and routine care. This fact sheet summarizes the beneficial hormone actions of mother-newborn skin-to-skin contact

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Co-parenting is when parents set their differences aside and work together as a team to raise a child after their divorce or separation. It includes sharing parental responsibilities and making joint decisions that affect the emotional and developmental needs of a child in everyday life. Through co-parenting, a child’s parents seek to maintain an amicable relationship and share parental responsibilities or some amount of shared responsibility to benefit the child’s upbringing

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Die Drie Varkies

Agree to Balanced Duties and Healthy Boundaries


It takes a village to raise a child, right? We all have experiences that we can share to help others. Following, five parents from our community share their personal experiences around Balanced Duties and Healthy Boundaries:

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30 Inspiring Parenting Quotes that Teach TRU Parenting Principles


Sometimes we need some inspiring words, something to lift our spirits and help us see things from a new perspective. The following are some of my favourite quotes I have come across recently. Each of them has a powerful message and can help us to better apply the three principles of TRU Parenting; Teaching, Relationship and Upgrading ourselves

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