I don’t know about you, but damn I love September. It is Spring for us in sunny tropical Nth Queensland, Australia. 

Time to Refresh & Renew. 

We harvest the garlic that has been in the ground growing strong for 8 months. They go into a bottle with a salt brine - the small ones for 1 month and the big beauties for 4 months -  a 12 month journey of patience, love & sharing. We love to share the fermenting goodness. 

Today is the 10th & we celebrate my BIRTHday

It has been a custom since Thierry was young to harvest and bottle the garlic on my birthday. At 18 he still joins in as the sun rises - a wonderful time together to reflect on the year passed. Priceless!!!


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“Spring Cleaning” routines have been around for centuries—some historians believe they began as far back as 3000 B.C.—and many cultures around the world practice Spring Cleaning today. Their popularity is a testament to how common and beneficial these practices are for so many of us. I think it’s beautiful that we’re intuitively pulled toward change, new beginnings, and fresh energy --perfectly in harmony with the earth as it wakes up for spring.

Over the years, I’ve developed my own Spring Cleaning Ritual to create space and renewal in my home and life. I find myself instinctively cleaning, decluttering, and making space as we transition from winter to spring (typical Virgo!!).

When it comes down to it, do-it-yourself cleaning using Grandma’s tried-and-true kitchen cupboard ingredients is still the best green practice. Simple, successful and natural. Anecdotal evidence indicates that our Granny was a lot wiser with our environment than we think.

Not only was Granny’s Spring cleaning low on pollution, they were low on cost and extremely effective, compared to the mass produced chemicals we see on the supermarket shelves today.

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