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We offer different types of Pump Out and Water Treatment units:

Black Water (also known as Sewage discharge ) is the water created using all kind of waters on the boat ( toilet, shower, kitchen,… ) and contains pollutants including nutrients, metals, toxins and pathogens.

Blackwater discharged from the boats can impair water quality, negatively affect aquatic ecosystems and increase risks to human health.

Blackwaters needs to be discharged once reached the shore ( harbor ).


Bilgewater is the wastewater found low down in the machinery spaces of most ships and it is generated by various activities involved in keeping a ship running while at sea.

Bilgewater needs to be discharged and treated with care as it can contain concentrations of various industrial fluids from the ship’s machinery spaces such as coolant, lubricants, and fuel.

Mobile Pump Out

A very practical Pump Out unit is our Mobile Pump Out, with a tank from 200 up to 2000 liters.

It can work as a standard 'fixed' unit, but can also be used around the marina and stored when not in use!

Centralized Vacum Systems

This system is suitable for all the Marinas having a bigger amount of boats bigger than 60ft.

Bigger boats have bigger tanks of Black Waters and most often have crew recruited on board, creating more wastewaters than smaller boats.


To avoid having those bigger boats moving to the fixed discharging point, or to avoid moving the Mobile Pump Out Trailer, that normally has a limited tank capacity ( 150-1000L ) to the bigger boats, is suitable to plan a centralized Vacum Pump Out System in order to provide each berth with a dedicated Suction Point ( especially for black waters ) in order to give a better service to the boat and to avoid having those same boats discharging in the Marina Waters they’re Black Waters because for them would be too complicated to move only to discharge.


Our challenge is to develop more and more innovative projects by employing the most updated technologies with the purpose of obtaining the best result as regards safety and reliability.



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